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      I was so afraid that Emily does not like to play dolls. I bought a few sets of Barbie dolls when it was on sale and a year ago she shows no interest. Now it is kept in the cupboard until she is older. Last week, she went to the toy box to get the broken baby doll. It is one of those irritating singing doll. Fortunately the sound card in the doll was broken. :clap:

      I was surprised at what she does with it. She patted the baby doll to sleep and tell mummy to be quiet. She sang to it. She took a toy bottle and fed it milk. She told mummy that she wanted to sleep next to her baby doll. She took care of it very well. I am amazed where she learns that from. It makes me wonder does every gal born with maternal instinct even before she conceived a child? :sc: I don’t see Tim doing that.

      Yesterday, I decided to get a proper baby doll set for her with milk bottle, pacifier and change of clothes. She was so happy and she carried it around. She gave the doll a name and it is called Amanda baby. I have no clue where she picked that name from.

      Published on December 29, 2006 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting;

    6 Responses to “Little Sweet Doll”

    1. Amanda ah….sweet! Rayner also never play doll doll leh….but RayAnne have wor….perhaps it’s really a woman’s thing hor…woahahahah

    2. No worries now, rite? I’m sure she’ll learn and love to play with Barbie dolls in future, then u’ll be having headaches when Emily pesters u to buy Barbie SETS for her. Kakakakaka.

      Emily has given a name to her doll? Amanda? Wah, dat girl of u really got taste for names hor?

    3. Nice I should seek Emily’s help to name my second child..haha.

    4. Happy New Year to you and your family!!!

      ( and don’t procrastinate too long :naughty:)

    5. Jan: Yes, a woman’s thing.

      Tracy: Have to train myself to say NO when it comes to requesting to buy toys. They listen as of now.

      Vien: Sure, if you trust Emily. :giggles:

      King’s Wife: Happy New Year To You Too!! Already done my pap smear, phew, after procrastinated for 2 years.

    6. wahh…so now she got a new friend to look after too hehee