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      During my primary school days, I am one of those junkies, eat a lot of junk food. I love to get this bubble gum that cost 5 sens for 2. I will eat the gum and behind the wrapper there is a picture. With that, you can tattoo the picture on your back of the palm. You take a few drops of water. Make the picture a bit wet. Then paste in on your hand. Later the picture will appear. Have you ever had that? Those were the days.

      A few days back, I got this Bob The Builder tattoo that works on the similar concept. For my children, it is the first time they ever seen it. They thought it was a sticker but they couldn’t peel it. I showed them how it is done. Emily was pretty excited with the picture on her hand, kept asking for more. Tim was just playing cool.

      I hope this bring back some childhood memories of yours. Ooh by the way, I love those bubble gums, I can blow a bubble as big as my face and pop it so that my entire face will be cover with gum. It is easy to peel off and my parents won’t have a clue.

      Guess the hands:

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    8 Responses to “Hand Tattoo”

    1. Love those tattoos too but never did like the bubble gums cos I was hopeless at blowing them big big. I could only blow a tiny one and popped it went and all over my mouth which I disliked.

      Huh? There are still this type of bubble gums with stickers around? Din know dat. I thought this type of stickers were things of the past.

      It’s not only Tim and Emily having a great time but bet u are enjoying blowing the bubbles and at the same time pasting the stickers around. Hahaha.

      Okay, the hand on the left is YOURS and the chubby little one on right belongs to Emily.

    2. yours, emily, tim?

    3. i know we are around the same age?Because during me time also got that bubble gum lei.Nyak Nyak Nyak!

    4. I almost forgot about the bubble gums wrappers! In those days, it’s only 10 – 20 cents per piece and I used to buy one or two after school. But I don’t think it’s selling anymore, right?
      I don’t use tatoo, but stickers for my boy. He can removes and sticks back on his body whenever he likes.

    5. Ya, wien ever play this, SIL buy for her last time. but after putting on short while, she will try to wash it off.

    6. Tracy: The tattoo stickers are still around. Not sure about the gum though.

      Sasha guess it right.

      Sasha: Bingo.

      AnnieQ: Is it? What year are you?

      Shoppingmum: You got it for 10 sen, I got 2 for 5 sen. Looks like I am ancient. 😛

      Jess: Try it on Lyon.

    7. I could never get that tattoo on my hand nicely..but this post sure brings back fond memories of me hollering down the roti man so that i can get my junk loots. 😆

    8. oh..we did this for faythe as well