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    • Preparing Toddler For School

      As you know, school started last week. All the anxious mothers are sending their little toddler to school. A few mothers are in a dilemma on when to start. So I thought I might share some of my experiences.

      For me, I started my children with nursery cum preschool at age of 2. I had no choice because I didn’t have any reliable babysitter. If I did, I probably let them go to school at age of 5. I am not so keen on pressurizing my children with their academic results at this stage or age. Which is why I hate teachers who tell me that my son has not done his homework? Hey he is only 4, give him a break. So what if he doesn’t complete his homework, it is probably no value because the homework is a vicious cycle of writing alphabets or numbers.

      If you have decided to start your child with school, prepare your child for it. You can bring your child to check out the place. Brain wash Tell him/her what he will do in school, introduce the teachers to him/her. Make it informal as possible so that there is no build up of anxiety or fear. I believed once the child get acquainted with the teacher, your child have no problem going to school. Bottom line is find school with friendly teachers. Emily has a favorite teacher which is why she has no problem waking up for school.

      Before the first day, you can take your child to shop for his/her school bag or water tumbler. Let them pick one that they like. Make them feel excited. You can also let them have 1 small toy that he/she carry to school, able to keep in the bag during class time. It acts as a security blanket to him/her.

      Lastly on the day of school, do not be anxious or keep telling the child about school. Act casual like any other normal day. As stated, we do not want to build anxiety and fear. Your child is smart to sense your anxiety. It will be good on the first day to be with them in school, so that you can also experience what activities the school have. Second day, you can quietly sneak out.

      After the above said if your child still cries, you just have to play mean and walk away quickly. Otherwise, the more you pacify, the more he cries and the harder for you to leave. The teachers are experience enough to handle situation like this. If they are not then it really tells you something about the school. You may have to live with the crying for a week or so. If it goes more than 1-2 months, it shows that your child is not ready or the school is questionable.

      Tim didn’t cry for the first week or second week. However, the nursery had a very high turn over of teachers which he didn’t like. He is not so good with fierce teacher because he is a timid boy. When he tells us he doesn’t want to go to school, we know that his class has change teacher. As for Emily, she cried for a month or so every morning to school but during school time, she enjoyed it. Eventually she stopped the morning cry when she got acquainted with her favorite teacher.

      Published on January 8, 2007 · Filed under: Information, Parenting, Tips;

    8 Responses to “Preparing Toddler For School”

    1. Now Wien has morning cry too but i noticed when the teacher start the class, she is fine. and I can happily leave the school once the teacher teaching them. 🙂

    2. Wuah seh, u should have written this post BEFORE school started so dat we ‘blur blur’ moms should have some ‘tips’ mar. 😉

      I totally agree with u dat kids will eventually get acquainted with whatever when they are in school and when parents are not around. It’s advisable to be ‘hard hearted’ and leave the kids with the teachers and do not try to pacify them.

      Luckily for me dat Des was okay on the 2nd day and on the 3rd day she waved bye-bye to me after I left her with the teacher waiting for her at the gate. :clap: The only trouble is getting her dressed to go to school early in the morning and she’ll dilly dally and request for this and dat. :wall:

    3. Jess: Don’t worry, she will eventually stop.

      Tracy: Sorry for being late, remind me same time next year, I will sure pull this up again. Bravo to Des.

    4. my time is still far…i’m practising now with faythe on sunday school…so far no problem hehe

    5. Wah good advise. Can come back and read this when Raelynne is ready to go to school hehehe

    6. Good advise. Will try it out when we send Brae to preschool/nursery when he is 2.

    7. Rayner was really bad at CC. He cried a good whole 6 months….whahaha….RayAnne took a much shorter time, perhaps because her korkor is there.

      I am like you, my kids started CC full time when they were 2 years old because I didn’t have anyone to take care of them while I worked and quitting was not one of the options for me………

      This CC period is kinda over for me liao cos they are not very adjusted to school and enjoys going to school everyday.kekekeke

    8. Thanks for the tips, my son still crying this morning. Hope he will get use to it soon.