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    • The Art of War

      While I was shopping with Tim & Emily in Tesco, Tim put his book over Emily. Emily pushes it away.

      Emily: Noooooo… Mummy, kor kor disturbed Emily. Go away.
      Mummy: Tim, don’t bully Emily yeah.
      Tim: No ah, I just want to play with Emily.

      Later, at the check out counter.

      Emily poked kor kor shirt.

      Tim: Nooooooo, don’t do that. Mummy see Emily poke me.
      Mummy: Emily, why you poke kor kor?
      Emily: No ah, I was just playing with kor kor.

      Mummy… :snooty:

      Published on January 22, 2007 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting, Timothy;

    9 Responses to “The Art of War”

    1. haha separate them in 2 rooms 😛

    2. Hai, I’m having problems asking Justin to stop bothering mei mei, and mei mei to stop ka ka cau cau with koh koh’s toys too…. 🙁

    3. Jazz: Ughh, that happen when I brought them shopping at Tesco, just now.

      shoppingmum: We are in the same boat. I am amazed at how fast Emily is picking up all the bad things from Tim.

    4. Jo likes to say this too “i am playing with you ma…” when i scolding him for not disturbing me.

    5. hahaha… next time, tell them to fight it out between themselves… don’t get involve, can ar? hehehe….

    6. hmmm….so familiar…..exactly like the Rays lor! any solutions?

    7. Emily is picking things fast! Poor Tim, cannot bully Emily anymore..hehe.

    8. Heehee.. Emily learning fast!

    9. I think they are so cute.’s kind of fun seeing them teasing each other lidat. As long as it’s done in a decent manner without putting out a fight, I think it’s quite ok. 🙂