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      I liked to dedicate today to my hubby. He has been an excellent hubby and a great dad. While I was away on my business trip, he took care of the children without any issue. Emily had fever 2 days before I was back. He took leave to monitor her closely. He made sacrifices for our children and me.

      Throughout my 7 years of marriage with him, he never once fought with me. We have our ups and downs, but he always worked at it to make it better. He was never too angry to make a big argument. In fact, he never like to have any argument, he just keeps silence till things cool off. Even when I am in the wrong, he apologized. His abundance patience never goes empty.

      I remembered once I accidentally knock his precious costly DSLR camera on the floor. Not a word of anger did he said. He even consoled me calmly saying “It is okay dear”. If I was in his shoe, I probably flamed up but he didn’t. That’s him with a gentle spirit.

      Honey, I have to say this to you. I love you and Happy Valentine. You are the best that God has ever given to me and our family.

      For you, try to look at your partners’ good points and you will see all the wonderful things that you are so bless with.

      Published on February 14, 2007 · Filed under: Parenting;

    6 Responses to “My Valentine”

    1. Wow, you hubby really good la..i can’t imagine what will happen if i broke my hubby’s lovely thing.

      Happy Valentine’s Day!

    2. wahh…ur hubby is really patient, I can tell from his face oredi. Perfect hubby 🙂 hehehe…bless u and the family.

      agree with HS, I can imagine what happens if I broe my hubby’s fav thing, that day car kena scratch abit oredi ngi ngo me like nobody business!!!

    3. Wow, you are one lucky women. Happy Valentines to you both.

    4. Wow! Suddenly my loose fit Dockers felt like a super tight fit Levi’s. To my loving wifey, thank you for being such a positive influence in my life.

      I am compelled to quote what Gary Chapman said in his book “Five Signs of a Loving Family”. This was what he said to encourage wives to encourage their husbands…

      “The child who falls when learning to walk will be encouraged to try again by the adult who cheers him on. The husband who wants desperately to feel good about himself will be encouraged to try harder when his wife praises his efforts.”

    5. So romantic post…so lovely too…!

    6. Happy Valentine’s Day