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    • CNY – Angpows

      Chinese New Year is 3 days away and have you packed your red packets yet (angpow)? I know a friend who lists down how much money the children gets from friends or relatives. She will use the same list to distribute the same amount out to the same friends or relatives’ children. Do you do that? Wow, she must spend a lot of time analyzing it. I don’t do that. I usually give the same amount to everyone, closer relatives will get more.

      For some, they look at the economics trend, good times they give more, not so good times and they give less. There was one year where everyone was changing coins to give out. They are heavier in mass but not in value. :giggles:

      Do you know that the Cantonese family gives out individual angpow from each parent? When I was young, I received 2 each per family. However the Hokkien family gives out 1 from both parents. There will be some savings there.

      I have a friend and he is in his early 30s. He had all his angpows untouched in a little piggy bank. 30 years of angpows and that could be a lot of money there. As for me, I banked in my children’s angpows money into their accounts. Even their full moon angpows are all in there. I can say they are richer than me. 😥

      For those folks who do not know what angpow is and why we give them out. It is a Chinese tradition and it is a belief that it brings blessings, longevity and prosperity which we all want. It is given by married people to unmarried people during Chinese New Year or special occasion like birthday or full moon of a newborn. Children love to receive it.

      I am so not ready for CNY. I just got back and I have not done my CNY shopping. No oranges, no drinks, no cookies and no kuaci. Today I rushed to the back to change money and get the angpow packets. I must do some last minute shopping else anyone comes to visit me, I can only offer Jelly Beans. :giggles:

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    8 Responses to “CNY – Angpows”

    1. so, it`s just like buying blessings ?
      no such thing in the netherlands !

    2. We also have yet to pack all the ang pows… maybe do it tomorrow nite…
      Happy Lunar New Year to you and your family!

    3. galder:It is not buying blessings, it is giving. The Chinese believe that the angpows will bring blessing to the one who receive. Of cos, the children will love it because it is money. Btw, welcome.

      Angeleyes:The only task that I managed to do is packing the angpows. 😉

    4. I was told by Vickie the Shanghaiese gives out 1 packet too from both parents. I haven’t pack my angpows and can’t even get $100 nor $50 new notes from all the banks around here.

    5. Usually I pack during eve, while waiting for 12midnite! 🙂

    6. We do that! 😆 (the angpow list). We got a lil book, and recorded down every year. How much Yiyi received, from whom and how much we gave out and to whom. We’ll be packing ours tonite!

      Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

    7. I also haven’t packed, but I’ve made a list of close relative and the amount I’m going to give them, including mom and in laws and all… but no, not depending on what they gave lar…

      Well, my baby’s full moon angpow also all masuk bank… same will go for her first CNY angpow… hehehe, last time CNY means money come in, now CNY means money go out… DRASTIC change

    8. wei cantonese give 2 angpau is oni for first year of marriage, not every year 😛