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    • Chinese New Year – 1st Day

      Before married, on the first day, I just sit at home waiting for relatives to visit. How cool is that, no need to move butt can collect angpows. My mother is the eldest and my dad has no siblings.

      After married, I followed hubby to visit his parents and his relatives. His parents have a small family, at most we go 2 houses. Second day, we go down to KL and sit at home, waiting for relatives to come. :giggles:

      Today, Chinese New Year falls on a Sunday. Therefore, we visited God’s house first and do the rest of the visitation in the evening. I liked it this way because it is not so hot and my children will not be covered with sweat. I must say I didn’t anticipate so many church couples give my children angpows. I was so worried that I didn’t have enough to give.

      Ooh I remembered one of my friend, she told me she recycle her angpows. Whatever she received for her son, she repacked and gives them away. 😯

      It is raining here, it rained yesterday and today. Usually it will be very hot during Chinese New Year with the scorching sun. This year should be a cool year.

      Anyway, here wishing all of you, a Blessed Chinese New Year & a great piggy year ahead. I am still waiting for a BIG angpow from my boss. :angel:

      Published on February 18, 2007 · Filed under: Parenting, Special Day Event;

    2 Responses to “Chinese New Year – 1st Day”

    1. it’s raining heavily here oso hahha…yah me oso like u, small family on hub’s side, oni visit 1 house!!

    2. I din go visiting this year too. Spending most of the time in MIL’s place. So sian.