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    • Petrosains – KLCC

      My sister recommended that we visit the Petrosains rather than the Pusat Sains Center. I took my family there. It is at the KLCC Suria top floor. If you haven’t visited, you should go. It is RM12 for adult and RM4 for 5-12. Children below 5, it is free.

      There are lots to see and play for children. First we start off with a ride in the dark with lighted screens and beautiful artificial rainforest. There are over 70 stations for children to learn and discover, from energy, petrojaya displaying wayang kulit (shadow play), dinosaur, science & petroleum, exploration on how to drill oil, science play, helicopter ride, oil platform, products that uses oil with F1 ride, molecule nano technology, metre city, fun with atoms & molecules, mini theatre show with 3D effects and dark ride again to exit. Lastly the souvenir shop. We spend almost 2 hours there and we couldn’t finish all the stations. The children were tired and hungry, we headed for lunch at the Spring Garden restaurant. It has a pretty high tech wireless service button on the table to call for service, bill or water.

      Published on February 22, 2007 · Filed under: Kuala Lumpur, Parenting, Science, Travel;

    6 Responses to “Petrosains – KLCC”

    1. hehe…that call for service is everywhere in chinese rest now :)…

    2. Wah..didn’t know KL’s restaurant that high tech already. I wish someone will come up with a “free makan” button..hahaha…

    3. Oops..that was me just now. This is so weird. I guess my laptop saved your login. I’ll erase worries. 🙂

    4. Vien: You gave me a scare: 😀 I thought who hack into my system… 😛 No worries.

    5. really that fun ah? Is it suitable for 2 years old ah? I stayed in ampang but never thought of go to this Petrosains!!

    6. Chooi Peng: There are stations for 2 years old to play but some rides 2 year old is not allowed. At least it is free for them.