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      Today I registered my son Tim for primary school. It was a breeze. It is opened for children born in year 2001 and 2002. The clerk took the birth cert and the copy. She chopped it to certify Tim had registered to the school. It also means that we cannot register Tim for other schools. She also asked us some personal details. I was wondering why she asked our income. Maybe the school wants to see which children needs books or food sponsorship especially for lower income group.

      Anyway, the registration took 10 minutes and we were out of there. We have to go back in Jan 2008 to complete the registration. My first parenting experience in primary school registration, mark another parenting milestone. :giggles:

      If your child is born in the year 2001 and 2002, start registering him/her.

      Published on March 1, 2007 · Filed under: Information, Parenting;

    6 Responses to “Primary School Registration”

    1. wah, hav to register at such early ah ?

    2. wahhh…eh how u get this piece of news can start register? Papers got announce??

    3. I only need to register Rayner if I will be doing volunteer work for the school. But since my choice school doesn’t have volunteer work, no need to register till next year leh……that’s what my friends told me lar……

    4. Chooi Peng: Yeap especially for Chinese School.

      Jazz: Not sure about newspaper, I have been told by the school to come back in March 2007. Check with the target school.

      Jan: Hehehe…Singapore policy may differ from Malaysia. Chinese Schools have quota here especially the good ones.

    5. can only register with one school? really?? what if you can’t get into that school..then how?

    6. Vien: Once you registered and get the birth cert chopped, your child is confirmed with a place. You can change school but I don’t really know the procedure, maybe have to write in or something.