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    • TagTime: The A-Z of Yourself Meme & 10 Reasons

      Friday is my official tag day, I mean 3 weeks in a row that I have been tag. I wonder who keeps generating these tags. A to Z? There were one I saw, please please please don’t tag me on this one, 50 questions…wah lau wehhh…. I even saw someone did a tag that I did last year. The circulation is a bit slow, it goes around the world and come back here.

      Thanks to Jess and Angeleyes, I have a filler post for PPP.

      A-Z, I shall keep it short and sweet.

      [A is for age]: Math Time – Log 10000 * Log (10 power 9) + Cos 360°
      [Z for Zodiac Sign]: Let me be upfront and tell you my birthday 4th June. You can decide which sign you want it to be because I don’t believe in horoscope.

      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      10 Reasons why I marry my Hubby from/in Penang

      I am a little confused with this tag, not sure whether I should say good things about my hubby or about Penang. I will do 5 each.

      1. He is a believer of God and Jesus.
      2. He is very tall, block all my views of other leng jais.
      3. He is a man with a gentle spirit and a kind heart.
      4. He seldom argues.
      5. He is thrifty but not stingy. He is a family man, help out with house chores and fixes most of the things at home.
      6. I want to get away from the terrible jams in KL. Once I got stuck in traffic jam for 3 hours in KL. 😡
      7. Everything in Penang is within reach, no need to travel far.
      8. Lots of delicious food here: asam laksa, cendol, ambra-sumbui, gekla-sumbui, curry fish head…
      9. Everyday can look at the sea. My office has a very nice view too.
      10. Easy to save money here, not as many temptations here as compare to KL and standard of living is moderately low.
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    5 Responses to “TagTime: The A-Z of Yourself Meme & 10 Reasons”

    1. aiks..should split 2 mah, then can do 2 ppp hahaha

    2. Wow, office with sea view..emm…nice office ambience

    3. wei, u always modify the tag ler… 😡

    4. Angeleyes said on

      yalor…. y never gib face to our A-Z meme leh… must answer in full mah! :naugthy:

    5. Jazz: Yeah hor…but I am afraid PPP may not accept tags or meme.

      Huisia: Outside is a nice view but not inside. 😛

      Jess: Don’t be :mad:, next time u come to Penang, I treat you asam laksa yeah.

      Angeleyes: Hehehe…the title said A-Z, A and Z lor…hehehe.