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      Yes, my children are a fan of MrBean. They love to watch the Bean Cartoon. Ever since my hubby said he wants to bring them to watch the movie, they been asking and pestering us to bring them. Every time we go to Queensbay Mall and they see the banner, they will shout “Mummy Mr Bean, come come see!”

      Finally today, I bring them to watch it. Generally, it was ok, nothing’s new. Most of his jokes were predictable. It is as my hubby puts it, “Accidental Hero” kind of story. He also said, the big screen makes him look ugly. Best to watch in at home.

      The plot is he won a holiday to the Cannes beach. On the way there, he lost his bag, passport, money and helped a little boy lost his dad. Oh well, it was a good laugh.

      Published on April 1, 2007 · Filed under: Movie, Parenting;
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    1. My girls enjoy the show too!