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      Today is Good Friday and this Sunday is Easter. A Sunday school student asked me, how come Easter doesn’t fall on the same date each year? Easter or Good Friday do not have a specific date and the date does not matter. The most importance is we remember the Lord Jesus Christ who die for our SIN (Good Friday) and RESURRECTED (Easter) so that whoever believes in him will have Eternal Life. Why do we believe in him and automatically be saved? It is because we believe in him to redeem us from punishment for SIN that causes death and separation from God.

      Two weeks ago, Tony Anthony came to our church to speak. His testimony was very touching. He is born in England with an Italian father and Chinese mother. He had a very depressing childhood. His mother had to send him to his grandfather in China to take care of him. He was only four then. His grandfather was a kung fu master. He wasn’t treated very well and had to learn kung fu from the grandfather. The grandfather was very stern and uses harsh punishment on him to discipline him. Eventually he grew up to be a kungfu master, winning in lots of kungfu championship. Later he became a professional body guard and life went down hill after his blind girl friend died from an accident. He was depressed and started accepting criminal work. He became a very violent man, out of control. Ended up in jail and he could not control himself. When he was in China, he was taught to believe in XXX and mediate on him to get peace. However he couldn’t find peace from XXX in prison.

      No one came to visit him, all his close friends and family stray away. However there was one stranger who wrote him a letter asking for permission to visit him. He took it only because at the visiting area, they get good stuff to eat and drink. The stranger name was Michael, building a good relationship and never once asked about his wrong doing. He was there as a friend and later he told him about Jesus. He said that all of us are created by God shaped hole in your heart and we are trying to fill it with material, money, for Tony are kungfu, anger, violence…etc. If you are not satisfied and still have emptiness, have you tried Jesus to fill that heart of yours? Tony did and he found freedom even in prison.

      There are many who say if you do good, you will end up good. However with God’s standard, it has to be PERFECT. No one is perfect, everyone in one way or another, even I have steal (buying pirated VCD/DVD/software), lie or cheat (tax declarations). You may say, it is a small sin but a drop of poison can ruin the well of water. We cannot rely on our ways to reach God but you can only through God’s way. Don’t get me wrong, Christians are not perfect, in fact we still have not attain perfection. We will be perfect when Christ comes back to receive us again. Do not close your heart, let God help you.

      Look at the world today, lots of things are telling you God and Jesus exist. The world date system BC and AD, BC – before Christ, AD – After Christ. Look at the beautiful creation, there must be a God who created it. Look at the Bible, it is the best selling book and still is. Look at Christmas & Easter a worldwide celebration.

      Happy Easter!!

      Published on April 7, 2007 · Filed under: Christianity;

    4 Responses to “Easter Message”

    1. What a beautiful message. A blessed Easter to you and your family, Michelle!

    2. It’s a good testimony..
      Happy Easter!

    3. happy easter

    4. Blessed Easter to you & family!