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      I was looking for 2 piggy banks for Tim & Emily. I want them to learn to start saving money. Every time we go shopping, my children will request me to buy this and that. Of coz, with my bags of tricks, usually they ended up getting nothing. Now I just tell them to fill up their piggy banks and use their money to buy.

      At this age, they don’t know what the value of money is. They think RM1 can get everything. When I say the item is expensive, they just accept it. Lately Tim starts to question.

      Anyway, I wanted to get a piggy bank that is unbreakable. I finally found a plastic one. It is fairly cheap too. Emily was so excited, now every time asked me for coins so that she can slot it in. She will go find loose change that is around the house or in the car.

      Do you know why it is call piggy banks and not any other animals? I heard that it was from the idea of the farmer feeding the pigs and only getting the returns after he slaughtered the pig. Similarly when you break the piggy bank (the clay type) you will get the money. Today, piggy banks come with an opening at the bottom.

      It reminds me of my sister’s funny story. When she was young, she had difficulty saving money. On her birthday, I bought her a steal coin box and presented to her. She was excited and put some money in it. After a short while, she realized there is no opening at all to get the money out and since it is made of steal, need a can opener to open.

      Published on April 22, 2007 · Filed under: Emily, Finances, Parenting, Timothy;

    3 Responses to “Piggy Banks”

    1. yeah, i recall the old typed one..i used to buy the clay one and i like to heard the clay broken sound too…it’s joyful when you see the floor have lots of syilling. 🙂

    2. Yeah, early training using a piggy bank is good 🙂

    3. Good training.
      But so far i did not let them use the money and I had bank into their a/c twice! 😆