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      After a good meal and a full day of activities, what do my children do? Relax on grandpa comfy chair. Emily started to act comfy and asking the kor kor to do the same. She asked me to take a picture with her big smile and tummy too. She said, “Mummy must take my big tummy yeah”. :giggles: Now shouldn’t I be on that chair? Hrmmphhh…

      Published on April 23, 2007 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting, Timothy;

    7 Responses to “Relax-lah”

    1. now the chair still able to fit 2, later you have to buy one more chair to fit 2 of them.

    2. How come gor gor’s tummy not big? 😆

    3. heehee….the kids know how to chill out and relax….mummy should take a cue from them and relax too!!! heehee

    4. Wow, if children can sit still like that, that would be wonderful!!! hehehehe

    5. wuah eat until the tummy so big..hahah

    6. Aiyo, Emily, ur tummy’s full of worms ah? Heehee, just kidding. How come kor kor got no tummy and ur tummy’s soooo big? U must be eating ur kor kor’s share.

    7. haha so relaxing girl oso likes to do that, and she tells me faythe relax, like mommy 😛