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    • Sad To See Her Miss Me

      Today I went back home to collect my cheques to pay tax. Emily saw me coming home and yell so loud. I went over to say Hi to her. She was so excited because she thought I was going to bring her out. The happiness was short lived when I told her I had to go. I stayed a little while to chat with her.

      She was holding my hands and not wanting to let go. Her legs were stuck out the grill door pointing to her slippers. Her face was all saddened. No matter how many times I told her when I finished work, I will take her out, she didn’t want to let go my hands. My heart breaks when I saw her like that. As I was leaving she cried. It was heart broken to see her in such manner. It is so sad to see her miss me. 😥

      Published on April 24, 2007 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting;

    16 Responses to “Sad To See Her Miss Me”

    1. Awww….makes me sad after reading this post.

    2. Ya ya, so sad to see her like dat. Who’s taking care of Emily at home?

    3. so sad……

    4. Tracy: She is with my babysitter next door.

    5. tonight you give a big bear hug to her for compensating what has happened just now..

    6. bring her la. This thursday izit off day for u ? then u can bring her out lor

    7. have this experince too…so sad when they cry. but my gal will cry for a while, then she will totally forgot about me, she can plan alone, clim here n there, gorek barang here n there….haha

    8. Yeah, hard to drag myself to work in the mornings if my kids wake up before I leave 🙁

    9. Sasha: Bring her to work? No security pass. No Thurs not a holiday for me…so sad. 🙁

      Yema: Yes happiness short lived, sadness also short lived. She will forget it the next minute, but that moment really breaks my heart.

    10. soo sad, give her a big big hug later….

    11. Must be missing her right now !!!

    12. I can totally imagine the scene now. Of course it breaks your heart – if I were you, I sure cry already wan 😛

    13. Your workplace must be well guarded.. hehehe until kids also need security pass to enter.

    14. aiyoo..poor thing. that’s why i always sneak out from my mil’s place if i go there noon

    15. Julian: It is more of a safety issue because it is a factory, scare the children run into the machine.

      Jazz: Now I dare not go back during LUNCH.

    16. it’s like that huh? Once the routine is disrupted.. they get upset too. If they don’t see you, never mind.. but once see you.. aigh.. sure cry.