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      I am not sure whether you have little correctors at home. Children of this generation are very observant. My 2 little ones often correct my hubby and I. Be it language or things we do, they observe our mistake and correct it. Here are some:

      Tim: Mummy, this is slippers, not shoe

      Em: Emily is honey, not darling.

      Tim: Mummy, you didn’t say Thank you Papa.

      Em: Emily is E, not I (*trying to correct her on I and You*)

      Tim: This is piggy bank, not piggy.

      Em: No ah, Emily cough cough cannot eat rice.

      Tim: Off the light, not close the light.

      These are the few I can remember.

      Published on April 25, 2007 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting, Timothy;

    5 Responses to “Little Teachers”

    1. Yeah yeah.. they are so cute aren’t day? Trying to play the adult part.

    2. haha….so clever of them. ya….qiqi loves also love to use our words to “tembak” us…

    3. LOL! I especially like the “Emily is E, not I” Sometimes when they say this, dunno whether to laugh or get kek sei..hehehe..

    4. Vien: Usually I laugh and tickles her. Yeah I like this one too….

    5. LOL! My Alycia is also like this. So I always tell DH to be really careful with what he says as there’s a little teacher and parrot around all the time.