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      IAmShoppingMum spotted me on the Hall of Fame in PPP. I didn’t realize it. I was very tired because this week I was so busy running around managing 4 projects. My left eye is twitching and feeling dizzy when I get up, it may be due to lack of sleep. Imagine my morning and night slots are all fully booked with meetings. My manager cannot even book an hour to do 1-1 with me

      Opps, back to the topic, I thought of reading some blogs for relaxation. However my itchy hand clicked onto PPP. I saw some good priced opps and I took it. Most of it was 100 words, so not really that hard. Suddenly IAmShoppingMum told me I am in the list of top earners for the day. I am like WHAT? I wasn’t sure it was me because you know my name is so common. I asked her how to find out my ID. Anyway I updated my avatar and tada….

      This is good for remembrance.

      Today I went to do my half yearly follow up with my doctor. I must say every time I see him, I feel refresh. I asked him any tips to gain weight. He jokingly said “Eat Full and go to bed” or “take oil” in hokkien. I looked at him point blank. After that he told me to eat snacks in between meals. He asked me to think positive and as long as I am healthy, no need to gain weight. He said I looked fine. My mum thinks otherwise.

      Published on April 26, 2007 · Filed under: Myself, Parenting;

    9 Responses to “Hall Of Fame & Tiredness”

    1. Fuiyoh! Your iPhone is really coming into reality!

    2. congrats!! top earner somemore…
      i guess total sum of my 3 posts also not equal to your 1 post, as recently very rare to grab higher paying post for blogspot.

    3. Congratulations!…may this be the beginning of more to come!

    4. Wow… way to go! 😀 And with regards to getting fat, we all wish we could lose it, and your Dr is right, healthy mai ok already lor.

    5. wow…congrats wor….

      mich, eat nearer to your sleeping time, like taking supper ? hehe…

    6. Wauhhh..u very ‘geng’.
      And I agreed with Sue, healthy mai ok lor 😉

    7. wahh keng wohh…..

    8. Congratulations! Already got iMac, can get iPhone and throw in an iBook for blogging too?

    9. psst … psst ….. how much, how much?