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      Asam Laksa is one of my favorite food and it is one of the most popular food in Penang. When you think of Asam Laksa, you think of Penang. It is a spicy rice noodle in sour soup. It has rice noodles, onions, mint leaves, pineapple, cucumber, polygonum (daun kesum), chilies and prawn paste (hay ko). The sour soup is made from mackerel fish, water, tamarind juice, ginger slice, polygonum, lemon grass, shallots, tumeric, chilies and dried prawn.

      I love it since I was born and that time I was in KL. Now I landed in the Penang where my favorite food is. Thank you God, you know me so well. I love it with lots of vege. I really cannot get enough off. Can I cook it? Yes but it is not as good.

      The popular places to get a delicious bowl of asam laksa are Penang Rd and Air Itam. I love the one at Penang Road with lots of fish. Burp…opps sorry, I just had 1 bowl.

      Price: RM2.50

      I am tagging the following people:

      Jess – Your birthday present.
      Hui Sia – You loves tag.
      Sasha – You owe me for the votes.
      Vien – Your birthday present.

      Let me start a tag around the world since I have been tag so often. I want to see this tag pass around the world to see all kinds of delicious food people enjoy.

      **Start Copy**

      Proposition: What is your favorite food in your state or country?

      Requirements: Find some info about the food and show delicious pictures of it?

      Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.

      Tag Mode: You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.

      Mybabybay loves Asam Laksa from Penang, Malaysia

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    8 Responses to “Tag: Food Around The World”

    1. mich,
      penang asam laksa a bit sweet compare to kl ones. the famous one is at pulau tikus ?

    2. haha..michelle…TQ very much! Now i got 3 tags to do…hehe..

    3. wah wah…starting tag somemore LOL

    4. Wow… I love assam laksa, now I feel like eating it!

    5. Giddy Tiger is also known as Laksa Queen 🙂
      Almost all laksa stalls in Penang are good, but the one I go to often are the Pulau Tikus one & Bukit Jambul one.

    6. Ooooi! I like this tag. *thick skin* Can i do it too???

    7. michelle said on

      Shooi: Sure Go Ahead, I am glad you like it.

    8. Do you think if you love Paella enough.. you’ll end up in Spain too? Or Pizza then in Italy.. etc etc?