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    • Lightning & Thunder

      It was raining cats and dogs yesterday night. I was putting Emily to sleep and she asked me to stay with her. Usually, she sleeps by herself. I stayed with her till she slept.

      Every time the lightning comes, Emily will shout lightning, same goes for thunder. I like looking out from the window when it is raining. She kepoh and looked with me. We spotted our neighbor’s car coming back. His house doesn’t have an electric gate. Emily was asking me whether uncle got umbrella. I think she was very worried that uncle has no umbrella.

      The car stopped there for quite a while. Both of us were wondering what the uncle will do. After a minute or two, someone came out of the house with an umbrella and open the gate. Emily jumped up with excitement saying “Yeah uncle got umbrella”. Then we went back to chatting and sleep.

      Published on April 27, 2007 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting;

    5 Responses to “Lightning & Thunder”

    1. she’s very caring huh?

    2. haha…Emi very kpc hor but very daring lar!

    3. Emily so caring even shown her concerns to neighbour uncle.

    4. It’s good to know that your lil’ gal is so caring even at such young age. Congrats 4 successfully instilling this virtue in her.

    5. Hey, it feels great to be indoors and tucked into bed when it’s raining cats and dogs outside hoh 😀