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      I like to see what Timothy draws. He loves drawing and my house is filled with everywhere. He would ask me or papa to pin up his drawings. I must say that he is very creative. Everything he observe he pens it down on paper. Like this picture, do you know where he got the idea from?

      I kept many of his drawings but soon I will be running out of space. He uses lots of paper and today papa limit him to 1 paper per day. He starts to complain. He has 1 bad habit, he dislikes drawing both side of the paper. We warned him about killing all the trees out there and I am not sure whether he understood. Emily make fun of him and ask him to recycle. :giggles:

      Published on April 28, 2007 · Filed under: Drawing, Parenting, Timothy;

    14 Responses to “Tim’s Art”

    1. Hey, his drawing is cute leh! And Emily so young also know about recycling liao ah? Hehehe…

    2. i don’t know where’s the idea from..but i can roughly guess th purple guy is dancing there. or maybe the little girl is Emily..

    3. i think this the monster from the Monster inc

    4. Haha! The picture is cute. Seems like the monster and the little girl dancing away. No idea where the from… is it from Lilo ‘n’ Stitch? 🙂

    5. mich, the lil gal beside is Emily ? so cute la..

    6. the purple fella kinda remind me of Dr seuss.

    7. Yup..that’s from Monster, Inc. He drew Boo pretty well..hehe..

    8. That’s a cute drawing. hehe…

      I’m a link on the Technorati Fave Train too!
      I fave you, so fave me, will you. Thanks. 🙂

    9. michelle said on

      Everyone:I was thinking the same, the picture from Monster Inc, the bad monster. Apparently not. It is a dragon dancing with Emily. It is some ideas put together. He got the dragon from a VCD I got free from Staedtler color pencil. The dancing, he has some aerobic class in the morning for his sports day. Emily, his fav sister…hehehe…if they don’t fight.

    10. Hee hee.. I too thought it’s fr Monster Inc..

      Very nice drawing.. give him more papwer to draw.. who knows one day he may be come some famous artists.. and all these can be sold for huge amount of $$$$.

    11. Tim is good boy compare to Jona….he love drawing but, just insist do it on wall…if you ever come to my house,….it is full of Jona drawing – as decoration….any ideas to change his attitude to draw on paper??

    12. he is indeed good…can sit down and draw. Good way to express himself

    13. Actually, it looks like a purple monster to me. Purple? Monster?…sounds a little like Barney, no?

    14. i guess the purple guy looks guilty or embarrassed like did something wrong ahhahaha

      the beautiful lil girl must be his sister.