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    • Piggy Banks

      April 22, 2007

      I was looking for 2 piggy banks for Tim & Emily. I want them to learn to start saving money. Every time we go shopping, my children will request me to buy this and that. Of coz, with my bags of tricks, usually they ended up getting nothing. Now I just tell them to fill up their piggy banks and use their money to buy.

      At this age, they don’t know what the value of money is. They think RM1 can get everything. When I say the item is expensive, they just accept it. Lately Tim starts to question.

      Anyway, I wanted to get a piggy bank that is unbreakable. I finally found a plastic one. It is fairly cheap too. Emily was so excited, now every time asked me for coins so that she can slot it in. She will go find loose change that is around the house or in the car.

      Do you know why it is call piggy banks and not any other animals? I heard that it was from the idea of the farmer feeding the pigs and only getting the returns after he slaughtered the pig. Similarly when you break the piggy bank (the clay type) you will get the money. Today, piggy banks come with an opening at the bottom.

      It reminds me of my sister’s funny story. When she was young, she had difficulty saving money. On her birthday, I bought her a steal coin box and presented to her. She was excited and put some money in it. After a short while, she realized there is no opening at all to get the money out and since it is made of steal, need a can opener to open.

    • I am procrastinating when it comes to taking my children for dental checks. I am afraid they will not corporate with the dentist or be frightened by it. Secondly, I haven’t found a friendly dentist for children. It is very important that the first dental visit be a pleasant one so that the subsequent visits will be easy.

      Last week, I received a flyer from Tim’s school asking permission for him to go for dental checkup. I am so pleased that Tim was pretty excited that he wanted to go. I believed the teacher had explained to the children what it is all about. He came home, telling me that he wants the doctor to check his teeth. It is easier if the children go together, they would want to follow one another’s example, allowing the doctor to check the teeth. It sure takes away my sweat when I hear Tim wants to go.

      Today, he came home telling me his experience, actually I asked. He said the doctor took some tools and checked his teeth, showing me how the doctor did it. Doctor also asked him, why the two front teeth are missing? He told us the doctor teaches him how to brush his teeth by brushing on a dummy set of teeth. I guess he learnt a lot and had fun. It was held at Sunshire Square Penang, they gave balloons and goodie bag where most of the stuffs in there are not good for teeth.

    • Vacation Planning

      April 18, 2007

      My hubby is having training in Singapore and it is a great opportunity for my family to have a vacation there. Good timing too. I found that my hubby had a lot of Kris Flyer frequent flyer miles to use. It is better to make use of it before it expires. It takes about 12,700++ points (15% savings if redeem online) per person to Singapore. By the way, it takes the same amount of points to go to Bali too.

      Now we have free accommodation and flight tickets. It really saves us a lot. We are planning to go to Jurong Bird Park, Science Center and Night Safari. If you have any good places where it is a good attraction for children, do let me know. However the Mega Singapore Sales is not happening during the period when we are there.

      The wife does all the planning and the hubby just pay. :giggles:

      Side track, I finally submitted my e-filing and good thing nothing happen. Hey if you see my details on your screen, do let me know. 😛

    • Brother & Sister

      April 15, 2007

      I was sorting out my digital pictures, I can tell you I have a few Gigs of my children pictures on my hard drive. Going digital is a good thing, imagine how much money I have to spend on buying film and developing it.

      I selected some of the Tim and Emily’s pictures and put them together. At this age, no matter how bad they fight, they always get back and play together. There are no hard feelings in children. One moment, they can fight by screaming at one another. Next minute, you see them playing together.

      Not in the adult world, when we are offended or make an argument, we can store hard feelings for life. There is something we ought to learn from our children. Forgive and Forget.

    • FLU Week

      April 14, 2007

      Sigh, I am so tired and having flu. I guess it was partly my fault because I stayed up real late last weekdays. The flu just didn’t come at the right time. Flu plus it is that time of the month. I was really exhausted and I cannot sleep because my nose was congested. I had to stack 3 pillows and sleep on it. It took me a long time before I can snooze.

      I am not taking any medicine, pop one multivitamin daily and drink lots of ribena. It helps.

      Today I feel much better because I slept almost the whole day. Nose still congested. I hate it when I am sick, I don’t get fever. No fever meaning no MC. Sigh.

    • Tag: Facts About Me

      April 13, 2007

      Vien tag me and it is such a long tag. Jess always says I cheat with these tags, like always modifying it. I decided to do it in full for Vien & Jess. It is a long one, so please bear with me.

      On the Outside
      Name: Michelle
      Date of birth: 4th June (Coming soon!!)
      Current status: Married With 2 Children
      Eye colour: Dark Brown
      Hair colour: Black
      Righty or lefty: Righty

      On the Inside
      Heritage: Chinese
      Fear: Heights
      Weakness: Some days I get angry easily.
      Your perfect pizza : Any pizza with lots of toppings.

      Yesterday, today & tomorrow
      Your thoughts first waking up: I want to sleep some more.
      Your bedtime: Midnight
      Your most missed memory: What? I forgotten…. :think:

      Your pick
      Pepsi or Coke: Neither
      McDees or Burger King : Burger King Whopper Burger
      Single or Group Dates : ?? *scratch head*
      Adidas or Nike : Nike
      Lipton Tea or Nestea : Boh Tea
      Chocolate or Vanilla : Both
      Cappucino or Coffee : I can’t drink coffee. It makes me nausea.

      Do you…
      Smoke: NO
      Curse: NO

      In the past month
      Drank alcohol : NO
      Gone to the mall : Yes, almost once every week.
      Been on stage : For what?
      Eaten sushi : Yes, on Tuesday at Tao (Yummy)
      Dyed your hair : NO

      Have you ever…
      Played a stripping game: NO
      Changed who you were to fit in: Had to change to become a mummy. Hahahaha.

      Age you’re hoping to be married : Done.

      In a guy/girl
      Best eye colour: Blue
      Hair colour: Black
      Short or long hair: As long as he/she is presentable.

      What were you doing?
      1 minute ago: Late Work Meeting.
      1 hour ago: Preparing for the Meeting.
      4 1/2 hours ago: Having dinner at in-law’s place. My FIL birthday! Happy Birthday Pa!
      1 month ago: Read my blog to find out.
      1 year ago: Read my blog to find out.

      Finish the sentence
      I love: sleeping
      I feel: sick, having a flu now.
      I hate: being hungry
      I hide: fat thighs
      I miss: my family in KL and lost friends.
      I need: to put on weight. Don’t scold me yeah!

      I am going to change this tag a bit and will be tagging: (Ignore those not relevant questions)

      Ethan – GiddyTigers’ son
      Lyon – Jess‘ gal
      Zara – Zara’s mama gal
      Belle – Vien‘s gal (Tag you back)
      Darrius – Angeleyes’ son
      Joshua – Huisia’s son

    • Moody Emily

      April 12, 2007

      Sometimes Emily has moody behavior. Some days, she can wake up on the wrong side of the bed and do not want to leave her bed, although she is awake. If you force her, she will cry. She is having this type of bad moods swing very often. I hope it is a passing phase, probably adjusting to some hormone changes?

      Today, she wanted to follow my husband to prayer meet in church. Tim and I wanted to go home. I allowed her to follow. She was very happy.

      However later, I heard my hubby’s car coming back. He told me when he reached the church, Emily cried. She wanted to go home. Poor hubby had to drive her back. Fortunately it is nearby. She was happy when she reached home.

      When it reached bed time, she refuses to go upstairs. I switched up all lights and tug Timothy in while she was crying downstairs. It went on for 10-20 minutes. She was getting tired, later she called out to me. Only then she cooperated with me to change to her pajamas and go to sleep.

    • TV Hoggers

      April 10, 2007

      I have 2 TV hoggers at home. They always want to watch their favorite cartoons. Demanding for Mr Bean, Barney, Monster Eye and etc… Sometimes they just want to leave it on and not watch it. However when I switch channel, they will make noise.

      Usually at the evening, I would want to catch the TVB series. Most of the time, when I say I want to watch Chinese Show, they will let me have my hour of TVB series. However, not in peace, they will make background noises or ask me questions.

      Today, with my 20inch IMAC, they can watch their cartoon and a big screen, just like in the movie theatre. Daddy had taken out the funny looking speaker and the sound quality is fantastic. While the watch their cartoon in the study room, I can watch my TVB series in peace.

      Look at the funny IMAC speaker called “Harman Kardon SoundSticks II”

    • Salad Stacker

      April 10, 2007

      Today my colleague treats the department to Pizza Hut. As you know the salad bowl they provide is very small and shallow. I was always designated as the salad stacker. I am not a pro but I can stack up to feed 10 hungry souls. This comes with a lot of practice and also the way the Pizza Hut staff cuts the salad.

      First you have to put a thin layer of lettuce at the bottom. Start a small corner with some coleslaw. Align the cucumber in a straight line, closely with the coleslaw supporting it. You can put other stuff to support the cucumber. When the cucumbers are closely aligned in a circle, you can stack widely. Before stacking the food, leave some space for the sauce, so that it will not split. Later, you can close the sauce with some shredded carrots or cucumbers. You can begin the stack the honey dews and the water melon. If the water melon is cut in cubes, it will be easier to stack like blocks.

      Wah lah….

      By the way, I only do this when I am eating with a crowd. For my family, I probably will just take what I like because only 2 of us who like salad. I am not going to waste the food.

      Happy Trying!!

    • BBQ + Steamboat

      April 9, 2007

      Last Saturday evening it was raining cats and dogs which was cooling evening for my family to have bbq with steamboat. I always run out of places to eat in Penang, yeah it is true. If you come here once a while, you probably find more choices. Anyway the bbq was very good. An adult cost RM18. My children were not charged at all. They have marinated fish, chicken, seafood, vegetables, a variety of fish balls, noodles and bean curds. Free flow of barley drink and ice cream for dessert. The place is opposite of ex-Macro, near Pelita nasi kandar store.

      They placed the table outside but sheltered, with cooling breeze blowing. The children were fascinated with the bbq plate. However they didn’t eat much, only noodles and fish balls, of coz they wipe the ice-cream bowl clean. After the scrumptious meal, we had to go home and shower, the oily smell really sticks on to our clothes, hair and body.

      My 2 favourite dish: