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    • 10 Ways He Pisses Me Off About Hubby I Dislike

      Zara’s mama gave me a hard tag. I dislike writing about people’s fault. Who has no fault/mistake, cast the first stone? This sounds familiar to some right.

      I am sure there are plenty to write as we are not perfect and quiet easily find fault with others. I must say I have many more ways that piss my hubby off than he has, that pisses me off. Most of all, he has more good characters than bad.

      To be fair to him, I will write 5 ways that I dislike about him and 5 ways he dislikes about me base on my assumptions.

      1. He doesn’t like to argue and keeps silent when I voiced out my unhappiness mostly about him. Sometimes no reaction can mean a deaf ear and cause me to steam up. Maybe because I am channeling the energy and no one receiving it. At least if he comforts me, I feel a little better.

      2. He dislikes me voicing out his bad point all the time.

      3. When I asked him to help me buy stuff, he always gets the wrong things even though detail instructions were given. Most of the time, he blame the person selling it. Imagine, once I asked him to buy Emily’s diapers and he got the wrong type when Emily has been using it for 2 years. Same go for milk powder.

      4. He dislikes me hanging around the shopping mall for too long, especially when it is very late in the evening.

      5. He wakes up early in the morning and makes lots of noise. His noise wakes up my son because my son and I are light sleepers. My son starts to makes noise and I cannot sleep.

      6. He dislikes me sleeping late and waking up late.

      7. He drives me crazy when he takes his sweet time (deli dali) when we are going out. He likes to either water the garden or oil the gate when we are rushing to go out. Talk about timing. Or he likes to get everyone into the car when I am not ready and wait for me in the car with the engine turn on. What a waste of petrol?

      8. He dislikes me getting angry with him especially when I am moody.

      9. He likes to talk to me when I am watching TV especially when the exciting part is coming on.

      10. He dislikes me watching too much TV or blogging. Oooh he is also glue to his photography forum, so I asked him whether he work for the forum? Does it pay you? He spiked me by asking me back, does my blog pays me. I said YES with confident. Hehehe…Daddy 0 Mummy 1. Sorry dear…you still the greatest and I love you. I remember my vows…for better for worse…

      Now I shall pass this tag to

      Jess – She knew I am going to pass it to her even before I wrote this.
      Julian – Let’s read a guy’s perspective on it.

      You can write the original or follow my style to be fair to your spouse. :giggles:

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    8 Responses to “10 Ways He Pisses Me Off About Hubby I Dislike”

    1. This is a hard one…you know I’m a frank person, how could you do this to me? 😛

    2. hehe..i think ur hubs is a very goody hubby ;), close to perfect

    3. #10 is the best! LOL! Eh, thanks for asking me first..hehe 😉

    4. Haha…we have been arguing “blog for money” recently here..but like you, hubby 0 and me 1!
      i like this “for better for worse”…my memory just back to my wedding day!

    5. Thanks for modify the tags! I will follow yours! but have to give me some times ya…have to think first! 😆

    6. No 7 very very much like mine!
      Last minute checking the car engine.. waterring the plant.. testing the alarm.

      Or if he gets ready earlier than me, he’ll sit in the car and start the engine..


      And waaaah… you very lovey dovey with your husband ler.. so so SIN MOU!

    7. almost all also have the same thing they dun like the hubby hor

    8. eh..ur Lou Kong more to perfect already to mine!