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    • Blogging In A Creative Way

      I accidentally bum into this blog and I love it. I am sure you will too. It is blogging in a different manner. No words at all. Nope it is not a photoblog. Although the blog does not have words, it has a story. A very creative story. Bravo to stickgal. Am I getting all of you excited?

      Visit She uses drawings to create interesting love story with all kinds of expressions. If you are bored and doesn’t want any heavy reading, hop to her blog.

      One of cartoon:

      Published on May 12, 2007 · Filed under: Humor, Information;

    5 Responses to “Blogging In A Creative Way”

    1. if i can draw well, i will do like this too..
      i saw some blogs with drawing, just so nice..unfortunately all using chinese words, so can’t introduce to you.

    2. yah..very creative way to blog, somehow must understand what the drawings means and what’s behind (story) the cartoons.

      BTW.. Happy Mother Day to U.

    3. ehnice. i go see fiest

    4. It’s quite a co-incident you and I stumbled on the same site almost the same day.

    5. hehe…very cute 🙂