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      A good place to find all your souvenirs and nice cheap Singaporean flavored bags are in Singapore Chinatown. To get there, you can take the MRT directly to Chinatown station. It is also a place to eat different types of food, of coz at a tourist price. I love the pork tripes, egg omelette with seafood and dim sum there.

      It has lots of things to see and shop, like bags, dresses, skirts, deco stuff, cushion covers, watches and shoes. It is almost similar to Petaling Street but Petaling Street has more people and stores. There is one shop you should go, they sell all the nice samfu and cheong sam. It is mostly from China. There are some India clothing too.

      I was quite pissed with one stall. It is the stall that makes bookmarks, table deco and stuff with bending steel. My son was just touching one of the display, children being children, they love to touch. The stall owner shouted, “Boy don’t bend the display”. He didn’t even bend it, just merely touch it. I said out loud “Lets go if that’s they way they treat customer, so rude”. If my boy did any damage to their display, I will pay for it. He doesn’t have to shout at my boy.

      Don’t mess with my children, look here to see why….do they look like they are little FBI agents?

      I got those glasses for them from Tangs with UV protections. Do not get those cheapo toys black glasses as it will spoil their eyes.

      Published on May 12, 2007 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting, Timothy, Travel;

    4 Responses to “Singapore ChinaTown”

    1. Eh, why the cool sunnies are senget? Hehehe…

    2. he,he..every mom is very protective of their kids one…i should visit that night market if got chance to go Sg again soon….never know Sg got night market…he,he..

    3. Aiyo, I’ve written a draft of the food and Chinatown in S’pore when I visited last year and forgot about it until I saw ur post.

      Haha, Tim looks like a stylo Arabian prince. I do agree with u dat some stall owners are very rude.

    4. If they didn’t wear the sunglasses crooked.. they’ll look like FBI agents.. 😛