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      Most Malaysian is having trouble accepting payment from PPP because paypal upgraded their system. Somewhere along the process of accept payment, you need to enter a US account. Paypal is going to fix it but we do not know exactly when and we have a 30 days expiry to meet. Tonight, I was trying to think out of the box and manage to successfully accept all my PPP payment, legally.

      How? All this while, I have a US trading account because my hubby and I invest in US shares. It is pretty simple to do an investment in US shares online, maybe I share about it in my next post, if I have the time.

      Anyway, I keyed in my US trading account, because that account can be use as a checking account too. Guess what, it successfully went through. Amazingly, all my payment was auto accepted. :dance: :dance: :dance:

      I have another method but it is risky.

      Published on May 14, 2007 · Filed under: Information, Tips;

    14 Responses to “PayPal Glitches”

    1. wahhh good for u…

    2. So if we key in your checking account number, will our transaction in PayPal go through ah?

    3. sob sob…dont know have to wait till when ler….

    4. I wonder is it the E*trade account you talking about? wow…I wish to know more about that ler

    5. Jazz: I am sure paypal will fix the bug.

      GiddyTiger: US checking account is required.

      Jess: Soon I hope.

      Msau: Yes, you need the routing number.

    6. Thats great! U r the 1st person I know added in paypal account, I was wondering will this really work or not ler..So now you can withdraw the money from your trading account lor?

    7. can share share with us how you do investment in US? What is the minimum amount we need to prepare..etc…

    8. Wah! Lucky you! 🙂 Guess I’ll just have to sit out the bug and hope it gets fixed asap!

    9. wow..that’s great!
      i can see my money waiting for accepting there but just can’t do nothing on it..:mad:

    10. Ooo..looks like I can make side biz (if you know what i mean)…hahahaha 😉

    11. yeap all the incoming dough is stucked and cant be accepted.

    12. cant wait for your next post to share more about it!

    13. Great tip! Hubb and I used to have an online stock account which comes with a checking account. Not sure if it is still active though…..

    14. wawa.. must share must share tips on trading in US.