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    • Traveling Again!

      Yes, I am going on a business trip Guess where I will be going? For those already know, please refrain from telling yeah. Let make this more interesting, if you can guess, I will get a souvenir for you from there. I must tell you that I never been to this place before.

      I was supposed to go 2 years ago but I couldn’t because Emily was still small and I need to take care of her. I gave the project to my project manager. Now my project manager cannot go because she is pregnant. It is like a cycle.

      Today I am very happy because my company did very well and announced bonus. :dance: Anyway, I am busy this whole week, 2 days training, flying on Friday and every day got meeting here and there. I am so not prepare to fly off. I know many readers are interested in the US Stocks Online Trading, when I am on the plane, I will write about it and post it when I am in the hotel.

      By the way, pray for lovelymum, she will undergo an operation tomorrow. Link here:

      Another puzzle clue for those interested. Here is it. Routing Number for HSBC is 125007098. More Routing number here:

      Published on May 16, 2007 · Filed under: Parenting;

    22 Responses to “Traveling Again!”

    1. Can i pretend i don’t know and get your souvenir? LOL…..
      Bon Voyage to you!

    2. I know I know kekeke…

    3. err got routing number liao then do what huh? I’m scratching head

    4. Angeleyes said on

      I know also!!!! so got souveniors or not??? 😆

    5. Me me me!!! I want souvenir! I know where you are going!

    6. Seattle, seattle …correct boh??? I want souvenir.

      P/s: posted the recipe for seafood kimchi ramen. Is that what u want? Or the crab one? Crab need recipe one la. Just dump cleaned crabs into the wok and steam.

    7. Hey, show us other method to settle paypal b4 u fly ya! LOL

    8. I’m thrilled for you too! Gosh, I wish I can go to where you’re flying to. *sigh* Have fun, ya!

    9. Aiya….I think I am the only one don’t know where you are going…

      Soo happy for you that you are blessed with such a great company who pay you well, good bonus and great overseas trip…Enjoy , have fun and update us yar…

    10. i know i i want the thing that u ask me wor as a souvenier..hehe..can ar???
      Have a wonderful trip! So envy u lei..can fly here and there…

    11. Guess you must be travelling to Europe this time, huh? You have been to US several times liao…am I right huh? Just tembak only lar..

    12. mich, travel again ? wah…u really a lot nowadays….enjoy yurself ya..

    13. michelle said on

      Opps…I didn’t know I tell so many people. Let see if you can get the specific location.

      Don’t guess US or EU or ASIA lah. The one guess the closest wins.

    14. Aiyoo… give all clues liao… sleepless in Seattle ah?

    15. Seattle!!

    16. Ok, who ever commented here will get your prize once michelle back from trip! LOL *quickly run away*

    17. I like that idea, Jess! Hahahaha…too bad I can’t participate or else I’ll just tembak right on the spot..Anyone wanna bribe me? 😆

    18. Aiyo, I’m the last one to know. Where? Where? Where? *blek*

    19. Tracy: You get a chance to win a souvenir if you can guess. Better mah.

      Jess: *pull jess back*. If you sponsor I don’t mind.

      Shooi & Sue: Not Seattle. The puzzle clue is not related to the post, it is for another thing. *Joyce told me how you gals came up with Seattle* 😆

    20. belgium!!….haha…nice place to visit if got chance, small country but nowdays do include in Europe package as well…

    21. let me guess….France??? have a good and fun trip :smile

    22. aiya..then i tembak again…2 tries this time – Barcelona or South Queensferry!

      Enjoy your trip