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    • Hello From Edinburgh

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      Yeah I have arrived in Edinburgh UK, 14 hours flight. I must say that I have a pleasant flight with SIA. I was fortunate as I was given a very good seat. The seat next to me was empty given me some space. However the guy who sat near the aisle hardly went to the gents. I had to excuse myself 2 times as I drank lots of water.

      Edinburgh is a very beautiful city with lots of old buildings. It reminds me of Sydney of Australia. You can hardly see any tall building here except the Cathedral Churches. It is freezing here with strong wind. I was almost blown off the street.

      The strange thing in Edinburgh, the daylight is almost all day. It is still bright until 9pm and sun rises very early, 4am. When we go for dinner at 7pm, it looks like afternoon. I can say that I hardly in the dark. You can walk until late evening and still not feel it.

      I am staying in a very nice apartment with a dinning hall and kitchen, just like a studio. I am traveling with 14 others colleagues and more to come. It is just like having a school excursion. I must say that I can see a strong team dynamics in them and everyone is friendly.

      Here are the pictures:

      The Edinburgh Castle on the second picture:

      Love the house structure:

      Lady Statue

      Cathedral Church

      Statue Came Alive:

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    17 Responses to “Hello From Edinburgh”

    1. love the street & buildings shot. u’ll need to eat more just so the wind will not blow you away..haha..

    2. very nice place..

      wah..7pm still like afternoon?! woo…never experienced!

    3. hope u enjoy urself there

    4. Edinburgh was a very scenic and full of nice architectural …i been there once, have fun, try get a scottish skirt and those yummy scottish butter bread … 🙂

    5. take this chance to enjoy yourself!

    6. Magictree said on

      Wow! You just brought me back to memory lane. Take care and have fun!

    7. wow….its a long fly. good to hear that u are having fun. enjoy yurself there 🙂

    8. WOW…… Soooo nice…………………Enjoy yourself ok…

    9. Jesslyn said on

      Hello from M’sia!
      I love to see Europe Cathedral Church and old building, so different from other countries! Have fun!

    10. another thing…I just TAG you…

    11. Wow. So lucky to be there 🙂 Hope you have fun there!

    12. YEah…i got it right hor…? South Queensferry is at Edinburgh right?
      Anyway, i loved Edinburgh too. Were there for a biz trip years ago too!

    13. Shooi: Yes, you got it right. SQF is north of Edinburgh. You got advantages because you know where the company sites are. Anyway, I got you the Edinburgh castle. 😉 Save me postage too, I just can pass that to you…hehehe

    14. I didnt’ come visit for a few days.. and you are in another region.. time zone liao.

      Edinburgh is a nice city, and you went on a very good time. Long day lights, balmy weather. Aaaah.. fantastic.

      Enjoy yourself yeah..

    15. Wow! Finally I know u are in Edinburgh *blek*. U lucky lady! Travelling here and there.

    16. Whoppeee!!! Actually i also bought an Edinburgh castle when i was there last time. But Bryan dropped it and broke a chip off the castle…. 😥 😥

    17. wow..very nice place! So envy u lei..always fly here and there.
      enjoy ur trip & have a fun time!