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      Deal Or No Deal

      I was watching the English Version of Deal Or No Deal on Saturday. The player opened the case 1 by 1. He did very well as he clear off most of the lowest amount. However he ended with 1 Pound and 250,000 Pound (RM1.7 million). The banker offer 75,000 to buy over his case. If you were him, will you take your chance to win 250,000 or you take 75,000. You may end of with 1 Pound. Tough decision yeah. What is your decision and What do you think happen?

      Answers in the next post.

      Published on May 22, 2007 · Filed under: Video;

    7 Responses to “Deal Or No Deal”

    1. haha…like the one shown in malaysia ? very chi kek ya…

    2. deal…i guess he take banker offer lor…

    3. *blur*.. never watch this before.. don’t know what this is.

    4. I love this show. Always very interesting to see what kind of decisions the player makes.

    5. I caught the 1st few shows shown on NTV7 and was so excited but the next few weeks, the excitement died down cos no challenge at all, just depend on luck. For ur question, I’ll GRAB the 75,000 pounds, (I very ‘kiasu’ one) and I think the player will go for the 75,000 pounds too.

    6. winnie khoo said on

      may i ask saturday wat time and wat channel for english version ah?
      all the while i watch malaysia version only….hehehehehe thanks thanks

    7. Angeleyes said on

      I watched some of the episodes here… quite chi-kek lar but can’t learn much from the game…