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    • Deal Or No Deal II

      Sorry to keep you all in suspense if you gals are really waiting for the result. I was caught up with a lot of work.

      The guy actually took the banker’s offer which is really a smart move as he needed the money. From my perspective, he is not greedy. If someone didn’t really need the money, he probably will go further. So the results, lets watch.

      Sigh, he did have the 250,000 Pounds.

      Published on May 25, 2007 · Filed under: Video;

    3 Responses to “Deal Or No Deal II”

    1. At least he was smart and got the 75,000 pounds instead taking the risk (what if the result is 1 pound). Over here, the shows are the same, nobody dares to go further and accept the banker’s offer, to be on the safe side.

    2. Yeah, agreed with Tracy on this…. smart chap!

    3. michelle said on

      It is all about being contented with what we have. 🙂