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      The other day, we were sharing with the UK team, how Malaysia has so many public holidays. We were asking them, what holidays they have. Apparently there are not many in UK.

      UK: You guys have a lot of public holidays.

      MYS: Yeah we have Chinese New Year, Raya Holidays and Depavalli. We are a multi cultural country.

      UK: Wow great to have that many holidays.

      MYS: Independence Day is coming up too. You know Independence Day. Do you have it?

      UK: Nope, we don’t.

      MYS: Why not? US has it.

      UK: Because never been conquered before.

      MYS: *duh, slap forehead*

      I got this info from a friend of mine, so if you are talking to the English, please do not repeat the same mistake. 😆

      Published on May 29, 2007 · Filed under: Travel;

    7 Responses to “Independence Day”

    1. LOL. The closest one is I think Guy Fawkes day, if I’m not mistaken.

    2. “UK: Because never been conquered before”
      this is funny… LOL

    3. haha that’s a good one LOL

    4. That’s funny!

      Though my UK colleages have only 6 days of public holidays but they have 21 days of annual leaves.

    5. Asked the wrong person about Independence Day? Hahahaha!

    6. LOL! Can’t believe it slipped your mind..

    7. Now I know y when I watched the V for Vendetta show, hubby kept on giving me a funny look when I ask those silly questions :p