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      Glasgow is Scotland largest city and like many other city, it has classical, old traditional and historical buildings in the surrounding. Not to mention, lots of cathedral churches too. I woke up early on a Sunday morning, sadly not to attend church but to tour around the Glasgow city.

      I went with a couple of friends. We took a 30 minutes train there. We got off at Glasgow Queens St and went to the nearest tourist information. We have only 1 day to visit the entire Glasgow but we spend most of our time near the city. We went on a “hop on and hop off” city sightseeing tour for £9 Information here We could see a lot of places with this.

      There are 21 tourist spots to see like George Square, Glasgow Cathedral, Merchant City, Glasgow Green, St. Andrew Square, St Enoch (where the shopping places are), St Vincent Place, Science Center, IMAX Cinema, Tall Ship, Glasgow University, Byres Road, Museums, Kelvin Park (where the green is), Charring Cross, Willow Tearooms, Theatres and Royal Concert Hall.

      You can
      download the map here for details.

      The bus has an open top for photo taking around the city. However it is not very good if it rains. There are many of these buses running every 20 mins. You can hop on and hop off at the designated bus stand. If you miss one, you wait for another 20 mins. It is pretty convenient.

      We started the journey at George Square and took the bus to the museum. The museum displays all kinds of religion. It is very interesting walk. Let me tell you, everywhere I go, there is a museum so you see 1, you see it all. The one in Edinburgh is good and huge with more displays.

      Cathedral Churches are everywhere and all of them have amazing hand painted ceiling and beautiful stain glass.

      Historical statues are also everywhere to mark the history of the place. London especially has it everywhere in the city. Each has a story to tell if I only know what it is. History is not my strong field. Although I hated it when the education dept changed the history syllabus and focus on local history. It will be far more interesting to learn history of other nations.

      George Square and City Chambers, the symbol of Glasgow political strength.

      As I journey around, there are lots of classical buildings which bear a lot of history. It has a very low percentage of modern building like what we have here.


      The funny looking building is Clyde Auditorium aka The Armadillo. Basically it is a concert hall.

      Besides buildings, they have beautiful & huge parks for people to enjoy the sun. By the way it is cold especially when the wind blows. I rather stay inside. It is interesting how we always try to avoid the sun. When I was there, I wish the sun was there to warm me up. Now I understand why gwailo like the sun so much.

      By the time, we finished the tour and wanted to do some shopping. Guess what, the shops closes at 6pm. Sigh. Although there is nothing to buy as everything is 7 times more expensive. Good for me. We also have a hard time hunting for food.

      Next post, London but you have to wait awhile because I need to process the pictures. You all know I lost my camera. It will be a real waste to tour around London without a camera. I bum into a shop where they sell disposable cameras and it was buy 1 get 1 free for 4 pound, about RM14 per camera for 39 shots. I got 6 of them. I just took them to the printing shop to have it developed into negative and convert to digital. Technology, don’t you like it in moments like this.

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    3 Responses to “Glasgow”

    1. wei u never tell us what happen to ur camera did u 😛

    2. Wah, I dunno if it’s Streamyx or what but the pictures are taking forever to load…

    3. Jazz: Actually I did mention in the comments in my last post. I lost it and for London, I used disposable camera as stated in the post mah. 😛

      Sue: Hrmm…the pictures are very small in size wor. Why ah? :think: