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    • Backdated Post: London

      London, another great city surrounded by beautiful buildings and the ever famous royalty palace called Buckingham Palace. Not forgetting, my children’s favorite song “London Bridge Is Falling Down”. London Bridge is just a normal kind of bridge, nothing special. It is the Tower Bridge that is spectacular. It is often being mix up as both are well know.

      I took the BIG BUS Tour around London and it was worth it. I got a discount from buying the e-ticket. It has 3 walking tours and 1 cruise plus hop on and hop off buses. If you know the place around, you can also but a full day pass for train and bus for 5.70 pound. You have to buy ticket after 9:30am, after rush hour else it is very expensive.

      2 complaints I have with London. First, the train system aka TUBE is chaotic and not very handicap friendly. Some stations do not have lifts but stairs. One station, I think it was Convent Garden Station, where I came out, there was 2 lifts but 1 wasn’t working. With a crowd of people waiting, I decided to climb stairs. Gosh, I regretted it, the stairs were never ending. When I was halfway, I was breathless. Lesson learnt, take the lifts if it exists.

      Secondly, the airport is a mess too. First they only allow 1 hand carry, if you are holding a plastic bag, it is not allowed. I think they practice double standard, I saw a man with 2 bags. I overhead a conversation from a lady, she had to go around the shop to beg for a big plastic bag to put her second notebook hand carry. Oooh, if you bought anything from the airport, it is allowed. Don’t ask me why.

      It was messy because as you enter, there is one station to check handcarry and another to check your shoes. Those guards are pretty rude, they treat everyone as criminals. As you enter the gate, to board your plane, there is another check. By the way, if your bag is detained, you have to remove everything. For those people who love to hand carry their luggage on flight will be a headache because the guard will take out piece by piece.

      Lastly, one hour before boarding, they called for Gate Closing but when you reach the gate, people are still waiting. Sigh. Look at the picture below to see how messy it is, photo taken by my MIL on her prev trip.

      Published on June 8, 2007 · Filed under: Travel;

    3 Responses to “Backdated Post: London”

    1. I can’t stand messy airports..just like the time we came back from the cruise. LAX was super duper messy and crowded.

    2. u didn’t go to outside of london?

    3. michelle said on

      Vien: Give me an headache, fortunately didn’t spend too much time there cos of the 1 hour early call. 🙁

      Jazz: If you count Scotland. No time, need to rush back for Emily bday and camp. I wish I have more time and money.