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    • Of Father’s Day Gift & Scuba

      Hubby wants to get away for a scuba dive, he is a license scuba diver and was very much into it before we have children. I guess he was deprived of it because he is helping me to take care of the children. He was just telling me that his dive partners have similar problems, their wife is going to pop soon.

      Anyway, you know I lost the camera in Scotland, so he didn’t have any camera for his scuba trip. He didn’t show his disappointment but I thought I made it up to him. I told him I wanted to get a new camera and I do need it for my blog. I have to hold off Emily’s birthday post because I had to wait for my friend to send those pictures to me.

      It was last Tuesday, I think I told him that I want to get a camera and did some surfing to see which one is latest and within my budget. He did the same and finally came up with Canon Powershot A570 IS because of the Aperture, Shutter Priority and true optical image stabilization. All are so foreign to me. Preview here. We kind of like Canon brand because of its technology. By the way, the shop told me that Canon and Nikon is the most popular brand.

      Thursday, we went to survey the price. We had contacts of 2 shops that we know will give us a good deal. We also tested the camera. One important thing was we need to get the underwater casing as well. If not, it defeats the purpose. The first shop gave us a price which is RM40 higher for the camera and RM20 lower for the casing. He also gave us a 1G memory stick free. Too bad, he couldn’t get us the casing in time.

      Friday, hubby called the other shop and negotiated with them, the lady owner was grumbling but she gave us the exact same deal the other shop offered. We picked up the camera with the casing and my hubby is a happy man. It was an early Happy Father’s Day present for him. By the way, the cost of the camera and housing is the same cost that my hubby paid for Canon A80 a few years ago. Camera is getting cheaper.

      Why such a hurry? My hubby went to scuba diving today in Pulau Payar. Here are the lovely pictures:

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    11 Responses to “Of Father’s Day Gift & Scuba”

    1. wah so fast went and come back liao haha…..

      i oso got a powershot at home, A dunno what, frer gift from amex :p

    2. So nice of you to get him a present. Hmm…now I am thinking do I need to get my man a present or not?

      Lovely fotos..I love to see sea creatures as well but too bad , my husband never allow me to take up scuba diving.

    3. you are such a lovely wify, so sayang your ah lao!

      btw, lovely photos….the sea slug ah, so colourful!

    4. wah… nice father’s day gift!

      psst can send a copy of this post to my wifey ah? 🙂

    5. so nice present ? must be trilled to see so many colourful creatures in the water, clever of u to give him a camera, so that the beautiful captures can be shared with the children .

    6. Your hubby suba dive too?????

      Now I know why you wanted the camera cake!!!!! 😛

    7. Ah, so you’ve finally bought it. Nice pics! 🙂

    8. eh so nice ah be yr hubby. bday also got present. father’s day alsogot present. anyway very nice pics. like postcard only.

    9. woo..very great gift for him ar..

    10. Jazz: You can give it to your hubby for Father’s Day gift. 😆

      Ally: Actually, I am worried too but I am sure someone GREAT will take care of him.

      Jan: Thank you. I know I am nice. :angel:

      duckie: Hehehe…I tot you want to send her something better as a hint. Sure, you can borrow my post, no royalty charge.

      chinnee: Thank you.

      Angeleyes: Yes he scuba dive and he is also into photography. is suppose to be between me and you. 😛

      Vien: Yes, ultimately I was the one who lost the camera. 😀

      sasha: Maybe I can make into postcard to sell to get back the cost of the camera. 😀

      Huisia: I know, coz I know my hubby well. *think skin*

    11. wow….I miss snorkelling and the undersea life..great pictures, and a great Father’s Day gift too!