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    • Backdated: Emily Birthday (4th June)

      Emily and I celebrated our birthday at a Christian Camp. It is one of the reasons why I rushed back from UK. Before I went, I asked my hubby to order the cake. I reminded him a few times, afraid he will forget. I knew something funny will happen. Guess what?

      Since we are celebrating Emily birthday with a crowd of 90 people, he ordered a 3kg cake. The cake was huge. My jaw dropped when the bakery man carried the cake out. It is about 3 feet by 1 foot. The first thing that came to my mind was how we are going to transport it over to the camp in Taiping. Fortunately, we manage to get some space in the car boot. We were also afraid that it will melt, but it didn’t. Look at the picture below.

      Emily were all excited, keep asking me about the “Thomas Train” cake. I guess she never seen such a huge cake before. Through out the entire camp, she has been asking me about the cake. Sad to say, we could only finish half of the cake.

      Thank you all for your birthday wishes.

      Emily: Come Come, let me show you how I eat fish. (Her favourite words: “come come”)

      Published on June 13, 2007 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting, Special Day Event;

    11 Responses to “Backdated: Emily Birthday (4th June)”

    1. I, for one, will never forget Emily and u share the same birth date *wink wink*. She likes Thomas and Friends? I thought she prefers dolls.

    2. Happy belated Birthday Emily! Never tapow the cake for me…. 😛

    3. Tracy: Actually she wanted a 3D train cake but we cannot get a 3D one. By the way, she preorder us to get her a Piglet cake next time.

      GiddyTiger: I don’t think you want it. I collected the cake on Sat, it was a long weekend. By the time I bring the cake to you, it wil be 4 days old and the blue cream taste funny.

    4. happy belated bday to her…wahh..that’s a huge cake ;), lucky nothing happen on the way to taiping :). she looks so happy

    5. happy belated bday u guys!

    6. Happy Birthday Emily! belated one…

    7. Happy Birthday to you and Emily! 🙂

    8. happy belated birthday to emily and u too 🙂

    9. Eh, I forgot Emily’s b’day is on the same day as you! *piak forehead* Nvm, Happy belated Birthday, Emily dear!

    10. Happy Birthday to you, Michelle and Emily. Is so sweet that mum and daughter are having the same birthday. My birthday is just three days later than you gals. I think I will never forget your birthday! 🙂 About the cake, how about the other half?

    11. Happy Belated Birthday to Emily! And you too.. wow.. such a big cake and such a big smile from her!