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    • Lunch Coincident Or A Pair Made In Heaven?

      Most of the time I eat out with my husband because some of the time we run chores when children not around. Today my hubby had a farewell lunch with his colleagues, we decided to split.

      I went out with my colleague instead and decided to go for Sakae Sushi in Queensbay mall. Guess what? Of all the places, I bum into my hubby. He was eating there too. What a small Penang island. Ha! What are our chances of bumming into one another at lunch hour in the same eating place? Yes we are a pair made in heaven. :angel:

      Published on June 13, 2007 · Filed under: Parenting;

    5 Responses to “Lunch Coincident Or A Pair Made In Heaven?”

    1. Even have the same taste for sushi? U and ur hubby are definitely a pair made in heaven!

    2. really fated to be together lor kekeke…..i never bump into my hubby before, never did…but alot of frens did and i get report cards LOL

    3. ya lor… penang is really so small horr…. I also bump into my hubby a few times, so no fun. That’s why most of the time I follow malay colleagues for malay food instead… haha!

    4. ya lor.. penang is so small only, I also bump into my hubby a few times, so no fun. So most of the time now I join malay colleagues to have malay food… then when bump with my hubby will be more surprised! haha… (coz he prefers chinese food)

    5. Did you bat your eyes at him?

      We rarely have lunch together.. me and my husband.. even when we were working in the same company before we each moved out..