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    • Draggy Fever

      Emily was down with fever for 5 days and yet she is not recovering. First 2 days was on the high temperature but thank goodness, no fit. She got the bug from her babysitter, I suppose. The first visit to the doc, the doc refrained from giving her antibiotic. It will be good for her own system to fight the bug. Peculiar thing is she is very active even when she is having fever. Somehow her body gets heated up when she is asleep. During the day time, she is her normal self.

      Today, she was really out. She didn’t want to get out of bed. Anything I asked her to do, she said no. She didn’t want her milk, her bath, didn’t want to get out of bed and she just want to sleep. Boy she can sleep. I took her to the doc, the doc gave her the antibiotic since it has been 5 days of fever. She didn’t want to see the doc too.

      Oooh, she passed the bug to the brother and me. Tim started having fever yesterday. He was happy because he didn’t have to go to school. As for me, I didn’t have the fever. It is really difficult for me to get fever. I am not sure why. However my body feels lethargic and I had a bad throat. I will be on MC tomorrow. Sorry if you have ping me today and I didn’t response.

      Published on June 20, 2007 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting, Timothy;

    9 Responses to “Draggy Fever”

    1. mich, if u still the LB essential oils, use them.
      Eucalyptus + Chypre + Citronelle = Relieves fever.
      Burn whatever oil u have, it sure helps to prevent the bugs from spreading.

    2. Rest, rest, rest and plenty of fluid.

    3. Wish you and your kids will recover soon….when I had a bad sore throat, I don’t see doctor (unless I need MC), I just take some chinese herb, and it works for me and my family….

    4. Take care ya all of you….

    5. Shucks… when one get sick… others will joint suit even though u are in different parts of the country… ahhh.. virus travels around the country/world

    6. alamak, all down ah….weather’s been really bad these couple of days…..please take care and rest well!

    7. Sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather. Get well soon! I got no one to chit chat with 😛

    8. No wonder there was no reply from u. Better drink lots of water. I can see hazy parts in my area. Take care!

    9. aiyoh all get well soon !