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    • Sunny Day On My Blog

      Suddenly my blog turn sunny with the FireFly banner. I kind of like the color tone. It brightens everything up. Bravo firefly for making this site a little sunny today.

      The top banner was up on my blog for a few weeks without ads. I procrastinated (overused word), from taking it down. When I finally did last week, an email came from the Ads Network, stating there is an incoming ad. Duh! I had to go dig the code and put it back up.

      I am always supportive of the local companies. I must keep the Malaysian spirit up. Now where are my sun glasses?

      Published on June 24, 2007 · Filed under: Information;

    2 Responses to “Sunny Day On My Blog”

    1. Next time just comment out the ad code loh (that’s what I do) – when the ads come in, just remove the php comments! 😀

    2. When I opened ur blog, I shouted: “Wah! What’s dat?” Looks nice and colourful.