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    • Scottish Dance

      I bought back a Scottish music magnet from Scotland. When press, it play Scottish music. I put it on my fridge. My children love to press it and dance to the tune. After they press it, they will dance around the kitchen. It is kind of funny to see them. One day, my hubby recorded Emily doing the “really” cool Scottish dance with the China cap. She even got her mouth to dance with the music.

      How will you rate this dance? 1-5 stars.

      P/S Sorry my comment box was out of order, now it is fixed. My naughty hands did some change of codes.

      Published on June 26, 2007 · Filed under: Emily, Entertainment, Parenting;

    5 Responses to “Scottish Dance”

    1. Eiks! What happened to my comment which I sent yesterday? Aiyo, u and ur naughty hands.

      What did I comment? *eiks again*

      I think I wrote something like *trying to remember*. Emily looks if as she’s reluctant to dance. “Emily, Auntie Tracy thought of giving u 2 stars but since u are so creative by using ur mouth to dance too, u deserve 5 STARS!”

    2. hahahhaha i watched once without sound and then with sound. She’s so cute stood still when yr hubby asked her to dance then only she dance. so farnie.

    3. LOL! She needs to boogie more like Belle. I was expecting more jumping like those Irish dance. Scottish dance is kinda like Irish, right? 😉

    4. Actually your comments box is still having problem.. I still get TCPIP error..

      She’s like a little commnunist doing a dance!

    5. michelle said on

      Tracy: Thanks Auntie Tracy.

      Sasha & Vien: I guess she is not in th mood to dance but she wants to dance. Yeah, Vien she should take some dancing lessons from Belle. She is good.

      Zara’s mama: By the way, she is wearing a communist hat. TCPIP error, looks like a traffic problem.