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      My hubby bought a Lego set in US for my children. Lego is pretty cheap in US. Anyone going there, should get a set for their children. Timothy is really good with it and he can do lots of different things with it. He made airplane, train, bus, house, people and ambulance. As for Emily, she is always asking me to make for her. She likes to stack the doors up high and look through it.

      Here are some of the creations Timothy made. Guess what’s the last one?

      Not Just A Bus, But A Bus With Seats:

      Guess What’s This:

      Published on June 30, 2007 · Filed under: Hobby, Parenting, Timothy;

    4 Responses to “Creative With Lego”

    1. oh i love lego too, but here is so darn exp

    2. ya… lego is one of my childhood favourite toys. By the way, I think the last pic is a helicopter.

    3. Bicycle? Motorbike? Petrol Station? Tesco? Queensbay Mall??

    4. He’s quite good with it! Last one helicopter ah?

      So it’s cheaper in US than MY?