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    • Mybabybay 2.2.1

      Finally after 3 years, I have moved my blog from version 1.5.2 to 2.2.1. I was so used to the editor in 1.5.2 that I was reluctant to move. The editor is a simple form of text and code input where I can write code on it without any hassle. The new version restricts or mess up my codes.

      However as time goes on a lot of new plugins do not work for legacy versions. I had to do something before my blog turn into antic and cannot be upgraded.

      The process of upgrading a legacy blog is tedious. First I need to export the entire blog into xml format. The first extraction was 16MB and my host can only take 2MB. :wall: I learn that I had to delete some spam comments from my database. After deletion, it shrinks to 4MB. Not bad eh, still not good enough. I had to split the files into 2MB each.

      Second roadblock, after I imported the post over, my PPP post have to be renumbered to match with what I submitted to PPP. I had to twitch the database to do that. Nothing complicated.

      Third step, copy the links over using the database export and import.

      Last step, the easiest, that is to copy the template by copying the template folder to the new blog.

      All in a days work. Sorry for the technical boring post but it is an achievement for me. It feels good to successfully tackle roadblocks. I hope with this new version, you won’t face TCPIP or network error. If you do, sorry it is my host server fault.

      Published on July 9, 2007 · Filed under: IT, Myself, Technology;

    13 Responses to “Mybabybay 2.2.1”

    1. wah…..that’s why i’m so lazy for all that

    2. test test… hehehe I used to get problems with comments.. hope this gets through.

    3. Sorry *blur blur*. And u did all the ‘transferrings’ in just A day???!!! No wonder whenever I commented I always get a blank page and I had to go back to to check whether my comment was there or not.

      I really envy how u IT experts can do all “this” and “that” on the computer whereas I have to hold my head down.

    4. Woooeeeeee……. no problem now.

    5. You’re always good at time must seek your help.

    6. how i hope to switch mine 2.1.3 to 2.2.1 too…..otherwise if kept too far behind, i would have trouble switching over later…..but thinking of messing up with the blog really freaks me out…..

    7. haha….mich, no more blank page liao

    8. And I hope this solve your tcpip error in your comment!

    9. wah! it does! So congrats!

    10. michelle said on

      :dance: :dance: :dance:

    11. I still get errors woh…how ah?

    12. Oh now ok liao…kekeke

    13. hi
      good luck