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      Tim & Em have given me quite a bit of speechless moments. It is amazing to see how they advance in their speech, learning and how fast their little brain works. They have been growing up so fast and I cannot keep up with the memories of all the speechless moments. I will journal some of them here.

      SM #1

      It is that time of the year when Timothy has to take his class photo. I dress him up smartly. He rarely wears socks but he put it on that day. Emily woken up in her sleepy eyes and came down.

      Emily: Wah what a handsome boy. *I didn’t know she learn the word handsome.*


      SM #2

      Timothy came back from school and I was clearing the junk mails from the post box. He saw the McD leaflets and was interested in the toys section. He took it from me and flip, flip, flip.

      Timothy: Mummy, you haven’t got this toy for me yet. *What a way to ask mummy to get the toy for him. I didn’t know how to answer him*


      SM #3

      Emily saw a little bruise on my leg and she can recognize a blue black bruise.

      Emily: Mummy what happen to your leg?
      Mummy: Mummy knocked my leg on the chair.
      Emily: Pain or not?
      Mummy: Pain lor *pretending*
      Emily: You stay here. I get cream for you to put on your leg. *She went to get mopiko cream that I used to apply on her mosquito bites*


      SM #4

      Emily was picking up all her toys in the toy box and I had to help her close the toy box lid. As I was doing that, I knocked down a set of jigsaw puzzles. She looked concern.

      Emily: Mummy, you made the puzzles all fall down. Faster pick it up, later papa will scold you. Let me help you to pick it up. *She picked up every single piece and put it back into the box.*


      SM #5

      Emily and Timothy were playing Lego together.

      Emily: Kor kor, can you help me to open this.
      Timothy: You cannot open, let me help you. *He used his macho strength to pull it apart*
      Emily: Can a not?
      Timothy: Open already.
      Emily: Thank you.


      SM #6

      Emily was playing her toys and she picked up a little toy boy.

      Emily: *kiss the toy boy* Now you go to sleep. Faster close your eyes and sleep. If not, mummy will scold you.


      SM #7

      Emily was coloring in the room and I snuggle up to her, wanting to tickle her to make her laugh.

      Emily: Mummy, don’t disturb me. *I snuggle back to my bolster*


      Published on July 13, 2007 · Filed under: Emily, Penang, Timothy;

    9 Responses to “Speechless Moments”

    1. they have grown up so much ya…

    2. I was chuckling all the way. Both of them are quite entertaining. Too bad last time we met Tim he was all shy. Next time you must bring Emily out.

    3. hehe…eh they rarely fight hoh

    4. Yalor, both look like so ‘friend’ with each others…so helpful and sweet…

    5. I can feel that u r smiling while type these out! Indeed a sweet moment when you have 2 kids at home!

    6. michelle said on

      Chinnee: Come this Sunday to see how they have grown up.

      Vien: Just tell me when you coming to Penang, I will sure bring Emily.

      Jazzmint: Believe me, they fight all the time.

      Mamajo: Less than 20% of the time. 🙁

      Jess: Hey I should make this as a tag and tag u…kekeke

    7. Good kor kor and cute mei mei. Very lovely!

    8. they both seems growing very fast and almost talk like adults now :clap:

    9. They do grow up very fast don’t they?
      And then, they very good in applying things we say to them.. 😛