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    • Expired??!!

      Guess what expired? I took out my driving license and saw it ended at Mar 2007. Now you know that I never take out my license for a long long time, like a few years. Anyway I told my hubby, I need to renew it on Monday. It was on Saturday I discovered. Guess what? He took out his, his one also expired May 2007. Now both of us need to renew ours. So who drives? :giggles:

      Anyway, got my license renew today and pretty impressed, waited only 15 minutes. I didn’t know that now, 1 year cost RM30. I think the last time I renew was only RM20. Of coz we went to renew maximum 5 years, afraid another hike. We didn’t have enough cash. Hubby went out to withdraw from the ATM. The officer told us that if we renew road tax, can pay by credit card but not for renewing license. :wall:

      Next I asked about my road tax claim as last year, government reduce the tax. She told me to go main land. I think the claim is about RM10 or less. I have to spend RM8 for bridge toll and someone petrol money to cross the bridge. Forget it.

      Published on July 23, 2007 · Filed under: Myself, Parenting;

    7 Responses to “Expired??!!”

    1. wah..hehe me oso kena last year, forgot like so long LOL

    2. aiyak….u made me took out my license and check…haha…luckily it is 2009!

    3. the 2 of you ah.. very ooolooong woh! Hahah.

    4. Last year i miss mine, this year i am smart, i set reminder in my handphone!

    5. I always forgot as well….can ‘get’ longer expiring date mah….the one year duration start from the date you renew…..:naughty:

    6. I think I must check mine also….

    7. michelle said on

      Jazzmint: Worst is not knowing that we are illegally driving.

      Chinnee and Chanel: Make you check, didn’t I

      Zara’s mama: Yeap, children already took 80% of our brain cells.

      Jess: Usually we renew for 5 years, not sure whether the hp can lasts that long.

      Mamajo: Hehehe…later kena saman how? All give back. 😛