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    • 10 Ways Showing Your Children Watching Too Much TV

      1. Acting like cartoon characters, giving you cartoon expressions.
      2. Talk like a cartoon character.
      3. Start asking parents to get Barney, Ultraman and Disney toys, clothes and stationeries.
      4. First thing when you meet them after work, they asked you to switch on their favorite cartoon show.
      5. They want to sleep on their favorite cartoon bed or next to a cartoon bolster.
      6. They can act out certain scenes of the cartoon movie.
      7. They learn to spell all their favorite cartoon names better than one, two, three.
      8. Dream and talk in their sleep on cartoon conversations.
      9. When your cupboard is filled with VCDs and DVDs belonging to your children.
      10. When they asked you to sing β€œI love you, you love me” before bedtime.

      The above is written by me not that my children have any symptoms, maybe a few. Let’s see which are the ones you think my children have? Maybe share will me some that your child has.

      Published on July 25, 2007 · Filed under: Parenting;

    7 Responses to “10 Ways Showing Your Children Watching Too Much TV”

    1. haha that’s good one

    2. No.1 & no.9…kah,kah…plus one more point: when his eyes is ‘stick’ to tv for hours (too concentrate) didn’t realise what is happening surround him… :wall:

    3. Oops! My girl watches a lot of cartoon programmes from TV. Heehee, luckily, my girl has the sign of No. 4 only. It’s MOMMY having those signs …… blek …… Hahahahaha!

    4. I think I have more signs that my girl… can’t wait to collect all the Disney favourite cartoon’s movie! πŸ˜† My girl starts to have the symptom as she can’t sleep without her pooh bear, sads or happy must have the pooh bear with her. Books that attract her must be Winnie the Pooh!

    5. Aiya…. there is a lot of cartoons in the cupboard but they all belong to his father leh….. all animes DVD/VCD….. from Dragonballs to Gundams, which mother threaten to throw πŸ™ so father got no choice but to give it all to his BIL πŸ˜₯

    6. definitely too much TV there…..luckily my kids spend 12 hours in school and school only let them watch TV while waiting for parents to pick them up (about 1 hour of TV)……

      time to convert TV time to activity time…..kekekeke πŸ™‚

    7. me is the one that switch on the tv for them to watch!hahaha..
      so that i can do some housework while cartoon keep them occupied.
      Me lousy mummy!