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      I ran out of Emily’s milk. Usually I will stock up when there are promotions in the supermarket. Recently there are none. She is taking Isomil Plus and didn’t like any other. I tried once to change her milk and was not successful. She still likes her bear milk. I have some Pediasure samples and thought she will drink it.

      Emily: This is not my milk. I want the bear milk.
      Mummy: Bear milk finish, today you drink big girl’s milk.
      Emily: I don’t like this milk.
      Mummy: But bear milk finished, tomorrow mummy buy. You good gal, drink the big girl’s milk.
      Emily: *shake head and give me the disgusting “yi yea” look*

      Sigh, fortunately my babysitter is just next door to get the milk powder for her.

      Published on July 25, 2007 · Filed under: Parenting;

    3 Responses to “Not My Milk”

    1. Emily likes bear-bear’s milk? She doesn’t like moo-moo cow’s milk? Hahaha. Des too likes her Pediasure and not any others. I guess kids will stick to the brand/taste of the milk they used to take right from the start and will be difficult if the brand is changed.

    2. aha bear milk…u must tell her bear went to make more milk so now drink ah girl milk LOL

    3. Now, I’m in the midst of ‘confusing’ Isaac with his milk….bad momi…currently, he is on Melilea – soya milk, Progress GOLD and Isomil PLUS (at nanny home)…kah,kah…my plan is, if this work out, then, in future, I have no problem of giving him any milk…kah,kah..cross finger…