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      Finally my hubby and I have moved our children to their own room. It is 80% successful and going to 100% soon. Moving them to another room is not tough at this age. Most often, during bedtime, they can sleep on their own after I tugged them in.

      What did we do? We told them that they are old enough to sleep in their own room. Secondly, we placed some toy box with toys in that room. Third, we went to the Disney Shop to get their cartoon characters bed sheets. There weren’t many to choose from. Emily wanted Mermaid but got Tweety Bird. Timothy wanted Ultraman but got Batman. Mummy and Daddy wanted our own private room back. :giggles:

      First few nights, I was sleeping with both of them in their new room. Emily was pretty excited as she calls her room, “Special room”. Tim was a little afraid because previously we put some “glow in the dark” stars on the wall. He didn’t like it. We took it down and replace with a Ultraman poster.

      Now they can sleep on their own in their own room. I am just a little worried for Emily. Occasionally but rare, she will wake me up to go to the bathroom. Keeping my finger’s cross. I still want to put a book shelf and a little aquarium in their room.

      Published on July 27, 2007 · Filed under: Parenting;

    8 Responses to “Separate Room”

    1. Good timing for #3! 😆

    2. Congratulation!! I haven’t started mine yet – I mean separate room ya…guess, I still miss their ‘smell’ and cute sleeping pattern….maybe, I will wait till Isaac turn 3 yrs old…he,he..lots of excuse for momi separate anxiety…. 😆

    3. :clap: :clap: :clap: for Tim and Emily and oso for getting ur private room back. 😆

      I always think having to teach siblings to sleep together in a room will be a lot easier cos they have companion for each other. I still love to sleep with Des cos like what Mamajo mentioned, I love to smell her and watch her sleep. I oso like the way she snuggle up to me when she’s scared. I wouldn’t want to miss all these moments cos I know she will want her own private room as she grows older so I might as well enjoy my ‘private’ moments with her as long as she wants me (my thoughts only okay?) 🙂

    4. Vien: Are you kidding? :shoot:

      Mamajo & Tracy: Yeap I like to do that too. I like to snuggle with them too. Now I have the option of my private room or if I feel like it, I can sleep with them. 😀

    5. I read that it helps the transition if you get them to choose their room decor. So good job!

    6. wah so nice…time for no. 3 project kekeke

    7. Are their rooms far away from yours? And the 2 of them sleep together or different room? I’m not sure when I’m moving mine away, but I like to sleep with them, more than I like to sleep with my hubby.. haha..

      So now, you have to be careful huh? Or else will get no. 3, no. 4, no. 5.. Haha.

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