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      Before I was married, my hubby and I love to go visit any show house or apartment. I love to look at their decorations and the way they renovate the place. Penang property is expensive and the space is not very big either. Many interior designers here will make the tiny area looks spacious and presentable. We go there to leverage their ideas.

      Today we didn’t have any plans for the weekend and we went to look at a show unit near Queensbay mall. The place was decorated very nicely. I like one of the children room, it has pinky wallpaper, pinky carpet, pinky chair and a little pinky seating area. It was lovely and Emily keep saying, “Come come to my room”. It gives me some idea how to decorate my children’s room. However I will not put wallpaper because hard to maintain and install.

      By the way, the show unit was only 2388 square feet and you have a guess at what it is priced at? It is greater than 0.7 a million and it is only an apartment. The only plus point is it has a seaview.

      Published on July 28, 2007 · Filed under: Shopping;
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    1. Property prices have sky rocketed ler.. 🙁

      I too like to go check out show unit.. to get ideas on how to decorate the house. 😛