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    • Yumilicious Durian

      Durian is in season and my hubby bought a few back. Tim loves durian and he can wallops a lot. Emily, it depends on her mood. If she likes it, she will take 1 biji. To sums it all up, all of us have the durian gens.

      When I was young, I try to avoid taking because I couldn’t stand the smell of my hands after eating. However I love eating it especially when it is from the fridge. There was a point in time when I use plastic gloves to eat. My parents are a great fan of durian and they are sure to get a bunch when it is in season. We will have a durian party. My hubby side his mom and brother dislike durian.

      As you know Penang is a place to get good durians and even expensive ones too. Imagine now durian have different grade and types. I prefer the sweet ones than the bitter ones. There are a couple of places here where they have “eat all you can durian buffet”. I am serious. It cost between $15-$20 per person. When my children grow up, we will sure go for the durian buffet. Yum Yum…

      Published on July 28, 2007 · Filed under: Emily, Food, Parenting, Timothy;

    3 Responses to “Yumilicious Durian”

    1. Wow….I just love to see Emily sweet & cute face 😀

    2. I’d in the past tried to post comments in your blog but they never went thru, funny.

      My 2 gals and I love durian to bits too. I read from one of the bloggers that there is this place in penang where customers get to eat durian till they drop at RM10/pax.

    3. Shireen: About the comment part, sorry for that. Yeah, there are many places offering durian buffet. Let me know if you interested. :P~~~