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      Emily is getting to a stage of being super manja. She demands what she wants else she will cry aloud. Usually I just let her unless it is in a public area or late at night. She threw one at me yesterday night and got some serious caning from dad. I really hope she improved.

      Once she wants me to carry her downstairs. Here is how the conversation goes:

      Emily: Please carry me downstairs.
      Mummy: *try not to pamper her* Mummy cannot carry you, leg pain.
      Emily: Carry me la, I want to fly like Peter Pan.
      Mummy: Mummy no energy, see. *giving the lethargic look*
      Emily: Wait. *pretend to go to my back* Dit Dit Dit Dit *pretend to open a invisible door at the back of me, take something and put it in and close back the invisible door*
      Emily: Mummy, I change your battery already. Now you can carry me.
      Mummy: Sigh.

      She makes me laugh but I just hope she will overcome her demanding character.

      Published on July 30, 2007 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting;

    9 Responses to “Change Battery”

    1. Emily so creative..
      so,did you carry her at last?

    2. If u found an effective way, do share with me, I have a super koala bear at home too!

    3. Outsmarted you, eh? 😆

    4. Yeah, share some tips with me….coz sometimes, I really at the end wit, don’t know how to handle my boys demand…but, I guess for Emily request, I will fullfill it after she change ‘battery’ for you….when she grown up, she won’t want you to carry her anymore :angel:

    5. Magictree said on

      No2 will tell me, ‘You don’t carry me now, next time you cannot carry me anymore. I’ll be too big” . SO I almost ALWAYS give in!

    6. wah, change battery ah!!! hahahaha…… 🙂

    7. alamak! hahah where she learn that?

      btw i used to tell my niece that ppl die because no more battery…cos she asked me why my grandpa die.

    8. After putting the ‘battery’ did you carry her or not?

    9. muahahaha..Emily so cute and funny la..change ur battery! Watch too much advertisement on the TV lei..kekekeke