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    • Agnes awarded me a cool badge. Thank you for this, you don’t have to. I believe all mothers’ blogger should have one of these. As we share our children’s journal, we are building a community of information sharing. It is very helpful to any new mothers on board.

      I kind of like the animation that Agnes put on that post. I have more that show my feelings for receiving this reward. The animation noseless bunny is called Tzuki created by Wang Momo.

      Lastly with this, I have the power to award a few more bloggers. Hehehehe. I award it to:

      Jess – Admire her because she can sew pretty dresses and one day, like to take remote classes from her.
      Hui Sia – Delivered a baby boy Elijah all by herself in the hospital, of coz.
      Sharine – She can make very nice scrapbooking by hand.

    • Chilis Penang

      July 21, 2007

      Yesterday, I wanted to try out Chilis Penang and went to Gurney mall, plus want to make use of the MPH vouchers to get some books. Happily we went there. I told my hubby that if we want to have a peaceful and quiet dinner, we better get some corn in a cup for the children to eat.

      Let’s start with the good points. The food was good, I had the Mushroom Jack Fajitas and it was very filling. We ordered 2 main meals. The children get their meals free with drinks.

      Now for my unhappy moments and rant, we were taken to our table. However the table (for 6) was very cramp, in between 2 parties. I saw another smaller empty table for 4 which no one is occupying at the corner. I ask the waitress, could my family take that. She told me she has to ask the manager and took us back to the waiting area. It was fine with us to wait.

      She came back, only to take another parties to the very same table which we didn’t take. I was a bit annoyed because I thought she comes back to take us to the corner table. She gave me some lame excuses that before she can direct us to the corner table, the drinks for another table needs to be served. I gave her a point blank look. Never mind we waited.

      She came back and told me that no outside food is allowed, looking at Emily holding the corn in the cup. I told her that it is for my children. Not that I am going to have a feast with that small corn in the cup in Chilis. Sigh.

      Later as we were seated, another manager came and told us that no outside food is allowed. That really spoils my mood. I told him off as the food is for my children and give him a fierce look saying you do not have to tell us that repeatedly. He went off. I will really think twice going back there. Service all the way thumbs down and down and down. 😡 Ooh I submitted a comment card.

    • My Choice

      July 20, 2007

      I could not remember when I start making choices in life. Maybe it was before kindy when I told my mom, I don’t want to go to school. I believed it was my grandma who influenced me because she wanted to take care of me. Sad to say, it didn’t go my way.

      Emily started making choices now. Every time, I take out her clothes, she will tell me I don’t want to wear this. She will go to her cupboard to choose her own. Believe me, it is difficult to force her to wear things she doesn’t want. She will yell and cry until the house come tumbling down.

      Jess who is great in sewing, gave her a dress for her birthday. It was a lovely dress. Buzy mummy didn’t take it out for her to wear because Emily chooses her clothes and she didn’t see that dress. Last week, as I was packing to go to KL, I asked her which dress she wants to bring to KL. She pointed at Jess’s lovely dress. Cool, now I can take a picture for Jess to see.

      If any of you have daughters, go to her for dresses. She sews and sells pretty dresses. I am waiting for her collection to do a e-biz website for her.

    • Dream Office

      July 19, 2007

      My next 2 months office is a great place to work. It has a fully equip tea break area like a kitchen with a fridge, a microwave to heat up food and a stove to cook if you want. I have lots of beverages to choose from, milo, tea, coffee and ribena. Snacks available all time.

      A fully air condition room and temperature is adjustable to my likings. No more freezing days. A room that is peaceful with no neighboring noise. I am able to put any music of my choice and play it to the volume I want.

      It has clean and dry toilet, bathroom if I want to shower. A sofa for me to relax and read my emails. Too good to be true? It is an office called HOME.

    • Medicine Not For Me

      July 19, 2007

      I don’t like to take medicine unless I really need it. Most often I don’t. No panadol as I heard panadol residue will be contain in your liver for some time. No antibiotic. I hate swallowing those weird color capsules. No cough medicine unless I been coughing for over a week or 2, which I seldom do. Trick, drink lots of water, eat lots of vege and fruits. I will let my immune system fight the germs. I do take supplements especially when I am week but not all the time.

      Yesterday I was having a fever, I used my children’s thermo scan, it was 38.2. In the morning while I was carrying Emily over to my babysitter, I was feeling my heart beating really fast. At that time, I had no fever.

      When I reach the office, I felt shivering all over. I took a cup of hot milo to warm me up. I had to attend a couple of morning meetings. I was feeling tired nearing lunch. I went home to take a short nap, it help a little. At 4pm, the fever developed and my head was drifting. I called my hubby who works upstairs to take me home.

      When I reached home, I told my hubby that I was not feeling well, please take care of the children. I went to sleep and didn’t take my dinner. I slept until I heard 2 screaming children outside. Sigh. I went over to cool them down and took Emily to sleep in a separate room with me. Both were happy and I am happy.

      I woke up still feeling lethargic, muscles aching but fever went away.

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    • AA Fun For Me

      July 18, 2007

      I was traveling with mummy on Air Asia flights which she got for 30 sens. Dirt cheap but need to pay fuel and tax. It wasn’t that cheap after all. I had fun on the flight eating mummy mamee. I never imagine I can sit on an airplane and fly across the sea.

      After I alight from the plane, I help two men direct the people traffic, you go here and don’t cross the yellow line. No taking pictures here. When I reached the so called LCCT airport, it took a long while for my baggage to appear.

      I got on the sky bus to KL Sentral. I was wonder why sky bus, not that it can fly. It took another hour plus to reach my grandmother’s place. Now if my dad were to drive, it takes the same amount of time. Haha…but I get to ride on the airplane.

      As I was returning home to Penang, the CEO of AA approached me with camera. He thanked me for helping him direct traffic, i guess or maybe he want to recruit me for good. He asked my brother to become a pilot because there is shortage of Malaysian pilot. Give us a scholarship, maybe we can consider. :giggles:

      Lastly, I must say that AA needs to reconsider and allow the priority boarding for parents with children and senior citizen. Pity they take that off.

      *a portion of the above story is a figment of my imagination*

    • Tim & Emily were pretty excited to meet up with the rest of the new friends. Let me tell you some stories about this meet up.

      *Spot the parents in the mirror if you can*

      Destiny, she is a party gal, dress for the occasion and she gave out party packs for everyone. How cool to have a party gal like her.

      Jeriel, I wish my children can eat green vegetables like he does. I saw him from far, eating his green vege. He will grow up to be a strong and healthy boy.

      Zara is kind of a cool and would not let me take Zaria home. She is a protective sister.

      Zaria can sleep with the amount of noise we are making, hardly see her cry.

      Faythe loves to go to the mirror at the Japanese place and look at herself closely.

      Vyktore is a charmer, he goes to every table and charm all the gals that we do not know. Imagine, all the gals took out camera to snap a picture of him.

      Ivan, he got a very hip hairstyle with a little tail behind.

      I had a very exhausted day and I am sure all the children did too. We started having fun at kidsport. Emily went through many rounds of the sliding down the big huge slides. First accompany by me and the rest she was on her own. Timothy, as usual loves to dive down the pool of balls.

      Tracy, thanks for the lovely gift, you shouldn’t have. My children loves the bag so much, every where they go, they carried it for that day onwards. I just hope I have more time to chat with you mums, I didn’t catch up with Jazz and Chanel. Next time we lunch at a place where they have bigger tables.

    • Speechless Moments

      July 13, 2007

      Tim & Em have given me quite a bit of speechless moments. It is amazing to see how they advance in their speech, learning and how fast their little brain works. They have been growing up so fast and I cannot keep up with the memories of all the speechless moments. I will journal some of them here.

      SM #1

      It is that time of the year when Timothy has to take his class photo. I dress him up smartly. He rarely wears socks but he put it on that day. Emily woken up in her sleepy eyes and came down.

      Emily: Wah what a handsome boy. *I didn’t know she learn the word handsome.*


      SM #2

      Timothy came back from school and I was clearing the junk mails from the post box. He saw the McD leaflets and was interested in the toys section. He took it from me and flip, flip, flip.

      Timothy: Mummy, you haven’t got this toy for me yet. *What a way to ask mummy to get the toy for him. I didn’t know how to answer him*


      SM #3

      Emily saw a little bruise on my leg and she can recognize a blue black bruise.

      Emily: Mummy what happen to your leg?
      Mummy: Mummy knocked my leg on the chair.
      Emily: Pain or not?
      Mummy: Pain lor *pretending*
      Emily: You stay here. I get cream for you to put on your leg. *She went to get mopiko cream that I used to apply on her mosquito bites*


      SM #4

      Emily was picking up all her toys in the toy box and I had to help her close the toy box lid. As I was doing that, I knocked down a set of jigsaw puzzles. She looked concern.

      Emily: Mummy, you made the puzzles all fall down. Faster pick it up, later papa will scold you. Let me help you to pick it up. *She picked up every single piece and put it back into the box.*


      SM #5

      Emily and Timothy were playing Lego together.

      Emily: Kor kor, can you help me to open this.
      Timothy: You cannot open, let me help you. *He used his macho strength to pull it apart*
      Emily: Can a not?
      Timothy: Open already.
      Emily: Thank you.


      SM #6

      Emily was playing her toys and she picked up a little toy boy.

      Emily: *kiss the toy boy* Now you go to sleep. Faster close your eyes and sleep. If not, mummy will scold you.


      SM #7

      Emily was coloring in the room and I snuggle up to her, wanting to tickle her to make her laugh.

      Emily: Mummy, don’t disturb me. *I snuggle back to my bolster*


    • I had a name for a gal even before I conceived her. When I found out I am having a gal, it was one of my happiest moments. I was fond of the name Emily and it is a pretty name. Hubby likes the name too. Emily means “To Strive or Excel”. It is also a very popular and common name. By the way, a lot of parents love to name the children beginning with a letter. I know parents who has children begin with “Z”, “I”, “T”, “B” and “J”. If you notice, my children’s first name ends with “Y”.

      As for the Chinese name, my hubby and I decided to let my mom name her. This way both grandparents have these special gifts for my children. My mom came up with 4 Chinese names, hoy yi, weng yi, kar yi and mun yi. She wrote them in Chinese names and sent to me. She was teasing me as I didn’t know how to read it. I had to ask my friend for help. I kind of like hoy yi but it doesn’t have any meaning at all. I picked meaning smart little dragon. Mun Yi also sounds like money. :giggles:

    • Someone tag me on this but I cannot remember who. It is an interesting tag on how my children get their names. By the way, because my family is a Christian, we don’t go to “paid strangers” for names. In the Bible, often names show the character of the person, so better give good names to your children. I just learn last week from Sunday School that Nabal means Fool

      Timothy meaning “Honoring God” was selected by my hubby and I. Some how both of us like the name and it is a bible character. At the third month of my gynae checkup, when the doc told us that the child I am bearing is a boy, my hubby told the ultrascan picture and told his father, this is Timothy. Of coz my father in law is very confused as he couldn’t tell what was in the picture. Hehehe.. I am not even sure he knew that was an ultrascan of the baby. My son’s paed told me to name my next baby if it is a boy Titus.

      His Chinese name was given by my mother in law. Both my hubby and I are banana, so cannot give good Chinese name to my son. How sad. She gave my son meaning dragon hovering the sky. Both my MIL & PIL came to my house a day before I was admitted to the hospital. All of us decided to go with the name.

      I am not sure what this name will bring to his character but I hope that he will honor God in his journey of life. be cont with Emily next…