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    • Tag: Creatures Mummy Hates Most

      I got a tag from MyLovelyMummy. A simple tag that does not take a lot of my brain cells away. Thanks MyLovelyMummy. I still owe a lot of people a lot of tags.

      Creatures I hate:

      1. Flying cockroach, I am not afraid of those that do not fly. I hate those with wings. Imagine I spray pesticide on it, it fly an attack me. Yiiiiak. By the way, for those that cannot fly, I usually catch the antenna with my hand and flush it down the toilet.

      2. Spiders, not the small tiny ones but the ones that has fur. In Australia, lots of spider is poisonous. When I was there, I found one fury one in my room and it really freak me out. My house mates and I had to use the Vacuum cleaner to suck it in.

      3. Dead rat, they stink!

      I am passing the tag to:

      Hui Sia – Always requesting for tags.
      Vien – You gave me a big job today.
      ShoppingMum – Really like to know what you are afraid off.
      Chinnee – Your filler tag.

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      Published on August 3, 2007 · Filed under: Myself, Tag;

    5 Responses to “Tag: Creatures Mummy Hates Most”

    1. wah, you so “pei mia”, do this tag first…hehe, so simple hor….

    2. haha….mich, i do love tags…thanks a lot. For this, I have done mine here

    3. So your hubby has to be NOT afraid of these la, hoh?

    4. is this tag similar to the phobia tag? if yes, i already done! 😀

    5. I hate all of them too.. and yest cockroach top the list!